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CES is the Consumer Electronics Show, an occasion from a French startup to shine in Las Vegas. Moreover, the innovations showed can really be useful and helpful.

Consumer Electronics Show french startup

1. An “artificial pancreas” by French startup

Diabeloop is a French startup created in France in 2015. They had a tool that regulates the blood sugar level of type 1 diabetics. It relies on the work of Dr. Charpentier with a partnership with CEA (French Atomic committee) Leti. So the idea focuses on a sensor installed on the user via a patch.

The latter measures the amount of sugar in the blood. Then it sends it to an application. And an algorithm then measures the degree of insulin needed by the patient.

This data is sent to a pump, also grafted on the patient’s body. This pump can act every five minutes, day and night. “The results are exceptional,” confirms Marc Julien, a Diabeloop executive. The user must nevertheless warn when he is about to take a meal or while playing sports to avoid hypoglycemia.

French Startup

2. A personal assistant respectful of your privacy

In the crowded market of personal assistants, there is LinTO, created by a French startup. Its asset: it is open source and does not communicate any of your personal data to anyone

While wandering on the stand of the French Tech, we could fall on LinTO. The round robot at the paceman with whom you can converse. This personal assistant dedicated to the business world relies solely on open source technologies. Created by the French publisher Linagora and running on a small computer Raspberry Pi.

It declares himself as “Gafam free”. Why ? Because, while telling you, for example, what time to leave your home to go to an appointment or re-transmitting a conversation held during a meeting, he ensures not to communicate “any of your data to third parties for commercial purposes “.

Competition with the other companies in this sector will be tough. However, Linagora will be able to rely on a network with the basis in Canada, Tunisia, France, Vietnam, and Belgium.

3. French startup and the bracelet diagnosing apneas symptoms

This bracelet, which is effortless, is equipped with sensors capable of measuring different health indication.

As the heart rate, oxygen saturation, vasoconstriction (reduction of the size of the blood vessels) and, during sleep, the respiratory rate. By combining this information, the company can detect periods of apnea or hypopnea. Indeed It can be even a decrease in breathing amplitude a little shorter, around 10 seconds.

Counting the number of events per hour, this tool developed by a French startup allows making a diagnosis and analysis on sleep apnea. The research center is working closely with a Medical Company, making this sensor will be available and well known to the medical world.

4. A wind turbine for (almost) all

Democratize energy production through wind turbines. Here is the will of the youngster french startup Fairwind. It is based on five years of research and has developed two types of wind turbines. Firstly the F100, which can produce 35 000 kilowatt-hours/year. And the second one, the F180, which can produce 140 000 kilowatt-hours/year.

This is the annual consumption of 40 families. About 30 wind turbines – ranging in height from 18 to 40 meters – have already been installed in Belgium. They are for small businesses or farms. “We can produce half of the energy needed for a farm,” says the creator Philippe Montironi.

He plans, within five years, to offer such a solution to condominiums. This project is supported by the French company of Energy Engie.

5. A discreet anti-aggression alert developed by a promising French startup presented in CES

A bracelet apparently normal, but that can be activated very discreetly. Here is the idea of Diariata N’Diaye, creator of the application App-Elles. The concept of the French startup is to help all women victims of violence and those who wish to assist them. When you touch the bracelet, three people, whose coordinates have been pre-recorded in the application, are immediately notified of a problem.

French Startup

Hence they can locate where the victim is and can, through a built-in microphone on the wristband, hear what’s going on. The bracelet will allow them to decide whether or not they should alert the rescue. Even further, the alert is recorded and can be provided as evidence in the event of a complaint.

Other app developments are worth mentioning. Most importantly those that make our life easier. Here & there makes the most of our free time – Here & there – A Social Activity Platform that connects people.

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