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If you want to know how to trade on Exness and what type of broker it is, then you are on the right page. Exness is a reputable forex broker that is regulated by CySec itself and by the FCA. Therefore, it adheres to all the standards that all European brokers or companies are required to fulfill. Regulation is very important, and it’s usually the first thing people want to know. So now that we’ve got that out of the way, we can go into more detail about what it has to offer.

A Brief Introduction To Exness

Exness is a forex and ECN broker established in 2008 in Russia. The company strives to provide the best trading services to its clients in a variety of financial markets. It claims to value openness and overall transparency, partly because of the challenges of its location. Exness also offers its services on MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 two of the most well-known platforms known to traders.

Exness features and benefits

Following are a few benefits including some benefits among the features.

Website design.

The first thing that screams out at you when you go onto their website is the welcoming bold and colourful images. Exness, unlike most brokers, has taken the time to create a user-friendly interface that is exciting and easy to use. So easy that even beginners can easily grasp how to use Exness. It has the kind of appearance that keeps clients engaged and perhaps even urges them to create an account.

Best rates via ECN

Through ECN, Exness gives traders the opportunity to connect to the interbank markets for the best possible rates. How the system works is that it organises the client’s orders such that it compares prices with the providers connected to the aggregator and carries out the execution of the orders strategically for the best prices. Moreover, the client can easily access all the relative data upon request.
Some other benefits and features Exness offers include:

– Instant withdrawal of funds

– It offers 24/7 technical support in 13 languages

– Instant and market execution

– Leverage up to 1: unlimited

– It permits all trading strategies

Trading Accounts

Exness offers four types of trading accounts

1. ECN account

The ECN account offered by Exness is intended for expert traders so to speak; Those that want to trade without having to deal with brokers conflict of interest. The spread is close to zero with this account. It also charges the lowest commission compared to other brokers. Therefore, if you are an experienced trader, then the ECN account may be for you.

2. The Classic account

This account is for average investors. It offers a lot of trading tools and advantages that most brokers don’t as well. This Exness account also does not require any commission, which is excellent.

3. The Mini account

This account has a very low spread and no minimum deposit. Therefore, it is suitable for beginners and those who do not want to trade large amounts.

4. Cent Account

This is the simplest type of account offered by Exness. Thus it is ideal for beginners who are looking to test the forex trading platform. It is also entirely appropriate for learning.

Is it Safe?

First of all, Exness.com is regulated by two reliable Authorities; FCA in the UK and CySec in Cyprus. Secondly, all companies that are regulated by CySec fall under the Investor Compensation Fund, so they protect client claims and each client is provided with up to 20 000 euros in compensation. And finally FCA regulation offers support from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Therefore each person gets up to 50 000 compensation cover. So, in a nutshell, I’d say trading on Exness is pretty safe.

Customer support

Exness has excellent customer support; this is evident in client reviews and even comments from other brokers. They offer support in several languages and make sure that your problem is resolved or any questions you have are answered. There are several ways in which clients can contact them including via; their call back service, live chat, over the phone and through email.

Final thoughts

The best thing about Exness that differentiates it from other brokers is the fact that they care for their clients and they make a genuine effort in providing quality service. They go the extra mile so to speak, and this shows in their customer support efficiency and in the set-up of their website which is attractive and user-friendly. I would recommend Exness as it seems quite reliable and safe and I believe you would be in good hands.

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