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Cryptopay is a bitcoin payment platform that offers a mobile wallet for iOS, a debit card, international bitcoin transfer, and a bitcoin payment platform. It is a crypto-based payment platform that allows you to spend, transfer, and exchange your money all over the world.

The platform offers a debit card service, Bitcoin wallet and simple bitcoin exchange for EU and UK clients. Additionally, the company provided merchants bitcoin payment processing services and registered with HMRC as a money service business.

In other words, Cryptopay is a simple solution for newbie users, offering local payment options and fast settlement.

If you want to know more about the service, please keep on reading.

What is Cryptopay

Cryptopay Ltd operates a wallet and payment platform for merchants and consumers. It offers Cryptopay bitcoin wallet that enables users to buy, store and send bitcoin around the world.

It makes buying and selling of bitcoins easy. But, there are two main options to buy bitcoin on Cryptopay, i.e., account purchase and with a bank card.

Moreover, it is a UK-based crypto wallet and exchange platform that offers services to people who trade Bitcoin and other cryptos. The company provides its wallet services globally, but prepaid card work for European traders only.

So, its primary function is to issue debit cards that people can load up by converting Bitcoin into US Dollars, GB Pounds or Euros. Users can then manage to spend on goods and services, or deposit into an ATM to withdraw fiat currency.

NB: Most users interact with Cryptopay through the iOS app. The app functions as a wallet, allowing you to store your bitcoin easily on your mobile device. According to their platform, it claims to have more than 420 000 active users.


The Cryptopay wallet permits users to seamlessly convert their bitcoins to the supported fiat currency, to hedge against wild price-fluctuations. Also, withdrawals and deposits, to and from the wallet are fast and free. Therefore, funding the account is possible from the 26 SEPA nations, and transfers usually settle in one business day.

It offers a simple and straightforward pricing model on its conversions. There is a 1% commission on every conversion, and that is it. Therefore, when using wallet services at Cryptopay, you pay no costs when depositing and withdrawing funds from your balance.

Users can get a debit card linked to their wallet, which permits them to withdraw their money at their local ATMs, in their local currency. Moreso, the funds are withdrawn directly from the wallet, and thus there is no need for you to wait for them to arrive in a bank account.

Setting up a Cryptopay wallet is very easy. All you need to do is to create an account, get it verified and add funds via the available deposit method.

Cryptopay accepts US Dollar, British pound, Euro and of course bitcoin.

Cryptopay’s real power and draw reside in the Bitcoin debit card. The card has features such as low commissions, wide acceptance and it is delivered worldwide for free.

Why would one need one of these debit cards though?

For beginners, they permit users to spend crypto or fiat currencies anywhere where major cards are accepted. Therefore, the card functions as a sort of universal payment method, offline, online and like Bitcoin itself is genuinely international.

Services offered by Cryptopay

CryptoPay provides a range of other services, including:

• The provision of online Bitcoin wallet to store Bitcoins.
• It gives you the ability to buy Bitcoin using a card in a range of countries in Europe and beyond.
• The ability to convert Bitcoin to Euros, US Dollars or GB Pounds and store the fiat currency online.
• The platforms also give the ability for European users to withdraw funds through the SEPA bank transfer.

Advantages of Cryptopay

The platform provides a lot of details when it concerns their fees. That gives them an advantage over their competitors.

Users will not find any horrible surprises in the form of hidden charges. Above all, the company and card support the most popular cryptocurrencies, so you are not just limited to Bitcoin. Moreso, you can utilize cryptopay without going via a confirmation process. However, you will not have the ability to access the cards without proof of identity.

Downsides of CryptoPay

CryptoPay is more costly than other card providers on the marketplace. Also, there are limitations on the amount of cash you can withdraw from ATMs. Validated users will have the capacity to withdraw up to $2000 every day. It is unclear whether or not CryptoPay issues cards to anonymous users.

Moreover, a debit card is available only for selected European countries.

CryptoPay Support

You can access the support section of the website under the Help Desk section on the platform where FAQS, Blogs, and instant messaging system are found. The Help desk has a direct communication link in which you can message with a support representative.

In other words, it is a crucial function of the company as many issues, and problems that arise can be resolved immediately.

Final Words

Cryptopay is a legit wallet platform where you can stash and trade bitcoin around. It’s Debit card is an innovation in the cryptocurrency exchange arena. Therefore, this facility permits users to use and access their Bitcoin in any form that they wish without any restrictions.

So, you can get started or learn more about Cryptopay today by visiting

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