If we could summarise what one needs to do ABOVE ANYTHING ELSE, to be successful at trading, that would be staying informed.

If you are unaware of your surroundings, you will never be successful at trading (or anything in life, for that matter).

Information is power. We all “know” that, but are we really aware of the importance of that sentence? Do we really grasp its meaning? Reading, watching, listening, even if it is on your way to work. While you have a shower, while you cook, while you clean, while you are getting ready to go to the pub with the lads. You can LEARN simultaneously while you do all of those very normal things.

Do not feel overconfident when it comes to investments. Do not get cocky. Do not lose your goal. Or you might lose something else. Never, never, believe you know “enough”, you have read “enough”, you have seen “enough”. One can never ever know enough.

“Keep learning, keep hungry”.


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Have you heard anything interesting? Did any of the above channels mention any interesting investment opportunity?

If so, go ahead, and IMPLEMENT IT!  Start Trading