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Tesla model 3 is a luxury electric car designed by Tesla which specializes in the development and manufacture of fully electric vehicles. The company specializes in cars which are fun to drive, high quality and worthy of high praise they receive.

The Tesla model 3 has a big job on its hands, convincing the world that American upstart is capable of producing quality mass production that could be considered alongside accomplished rivals. It must also prove that electric power is the way forward that the existing infrastructure can handle an increasingly electronic world.

Moreso, Tesla 3 represents Elon Musk’s first real attempt at offering a mass market vehicle that could create a way for an industry-wide transition away from fuel based to auto electric cars.

Therefore, this article seeks to look into the three standard features which the new Tesla model possesses.

Tesla Model 3- Key Features

Autopilot Software

The model 3 comes standard with autopilot software, and autopilot come in with every option; therefore you will not need to pay extra money to get the autopilot feature.

The autopilot combines a forward-looking camera, radar and 360-degree sonar sensors with real-time traffic updates to automatically drive the car on the open road an in dense stop and go traffic. The Tesla Model 3 also detects a parking spot and automatically parks itself.

Above all, it consists of standard equipment safety features which constantly monitor pedestrians; stop signs, and traffic signals as well as unintentional lane changes.


Tesla unveiled a supercharger that it says will recharge its vehicle faster than ever. According to Tesla, “charging needs to be faster and the number of cars able to charge in one location in a day needs to increase significantly.” In this line, Tesla says the new supercharger will manage to charge vehicles at optimal rates even at supercharge stations where multiple cars are charging.

So the reason why supercharging is fundamental as many people know is that it gives you freedom of travel. It means you can conveniently go where you want, how you want and going where you want to go.

To make the model 3 convenient for a long trip, Musk pledged to double the supercharging stations worldwide. So you will be able to go anywhere and in fact because the onboard charge of the Tesla Model can adapt to any country’s voltage and amperage, wherever you go in the world if there is electricity you can charge it.

NB: The stations are strategically located near shopping centers, restaurants as well as on Wi-Fi hot spots.

Highest Safety

Tesla has not produced a slow car yet, and Tesla model 3 looks to carry on with the legacy. Tesla model 3 seems to be the safest car on the road. Much of the car’s safety centers on the unique electric drivetrain that sits beneath the car center of gravity.

This electric drivetrain improves handling and reduces rollover risks, and it replaces the heavy engine block with impact absorbing boron steel rails.

In the event of an accident, the Tesla Model 3 consists of eight airbags rear and front occupants; and the battery system automatically disconnects the primary power source. Therefore if the worst happens, there is no safer car to be in than the Tesla Model 3.

Where Can You Service the Car?

No matter where you’re wether in North America, Asia or Europe if you are in any mid-sized metro area; you will be able to get your car services.

Final Words

Conclusively, many people believe that Tesla’s stock market has the potential to revolutionaries the world’s transport system. In other words, Tesla model 3 is an affordable mass-market car, which the company hopes to become as much of an excellent choice for regular car buyers as any combustion engine vehicles.

Therefore, if you’re looking for something new to add in your garage in 2019; you can start by trying the new Tesla Model 3.

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