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Paid posts and ads: Facebook wants to monetize its WhatsApp messaging

Facebook will notably launch a “business” solution that plans to charge certain companies that want to communicate with their customers.

Facebook, whose growth is slowing down, will try to make money with its WhatsApp messaging. They want to charge some companies that want to dialogue with their customers. After the first tests announced last year, WhatsApp officially launches its “business” solution.

It will allow companies to send messages to customers who have already contacted them via WhatsApp. As examples, it can be the follow-up of delivery, appointment reminders or airline tickets.netize its WhatsApp messaging

Whatsapp with Ads, the new fear

On his blog dedicated to “business”, Facebook states the different characteristics of these promotional messages:

  • Messages should not be promotional.
  • They will be encrypted like all WhatsApp messages
  • We can, at any time, block the company to no longer receive messages
  • The company will be able to respond to requests from its customers free of charge within 24 hours.
  • After this time, the messages will be billed to the company.

They tested this solution with more than 90 large companies like Singapore Airlines or Uber.

It was already possible to chat with companies, but in a rather rudimentary way.

according to WhatsApp

More Ads

Facebook derives almost all of its revenue from advertising. But now lacks room to insert more advertising on its platform. Hence its desire to seek new opportunities, particularly on its Messenger or WhatsApp messaging services is increasing.

The first social network in the world had bought WhatsApp, which today claims to have 1.5 billion users, early 2014 for about $ 20 billion. The two co-founders of WhatsApp, Jan Koum and Brian Acton, had left Facebook in May 2018 and in 2017 respectively. Against the backdrop, the leaders were in disagreement regarding the confidentiality of the data or the monetization of messaging.

Jan Koum and Brian Acton

Facebook reveals new attempts to manipulate

The social network announced on Tuesday that it has identified new attempts at political manipulation of its platform as it approaches the “midterms” in the United States.

Whatsapp Ads Russia

Facebook is obviously paved with bad intentions. The social network has identified new attempts at political manipulation with the hacking of its platform in the run-up to the mid-term legislative elections in the United States. But they were not able to identify the perpetrators, stating that it has closed its accounts and the pages concerned. While saying that it doesn’t tell who is behind this “coordinated” action and who are the group indicates. However, some of these activities are consistent with what Facebook had seen from the organization linked to Russia, the Internet Research Agency.

In total, 32 accounts or Facebook and Instagram profiles were identified and deleted by the social network. The oldest was created in March 2017, the most recent in May 2018. In total, they had published nearly 10,000 messages on the site. These pages were followed by 290,000 accounts and spent $ 11,000 sponsoring nearly 150 ads, making them more visible.

We face determined, well-financed opponents who will never give up and change tactics all the time. It’s a race for arms, and we also need to improve constantly

said Mark Zuckerberg’s group in a statement, a few days after a major fall in the stock market.

Russia involved?

During a conference call, the group’s leaders also said they informed the US police authorities, as well as parliamentarians. The social network had already said it expected new attempts to manipulate via its platform in the run-up to mid-term elections in the United States this fall. Repeating several times that it was not up to Facebook to attribute these tampering attempts “to a specific organization or country”.

Alex Stamos said that he “was returning to the officials to make the decision” to point fingers at a culprit.

Facebook security chief Alex Stamos

The company said that the actors behind these tampering attempts had covered their tracks. And it was done in a much more sophisticated way than was observed by examining the methods known previously.

Facebook adds Russia

According to a New York Times article, related to Facebook’s Twitter account, company officials said in congressional meetings that “Russia could be involved” in this case. In its statement, Facebook also said it found “links” between deleted accounts “and the accounts of the IRA [the Internet Research Agency], disabled last year.” Facebook said in last October that about “10 million people in the United States” had viewed sponsored content funded by nearly 500 accounts activated from Russia before the 2016 presidential election.

US intelligence services and parliamentary investigative committees have repeatedly stated that the Kremlin was behind attempts to manipulate public opinion via Facebook. But Moscow has consistently denied. Facebook has been widely criticized for failing to identify these manipulations. And since then, they created tools to limit or better identify them.

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