Facebook Fail, data and security in question again .

Facebook fail: security breach put data from 29 million accounts at risk

Hackers broke Facebook security and accessed to personal data on 29 September, such as names, email address and, in some cases, phone numbers. Another Facebook fail obviously. The company said the US federal police kept their investigation going and had asked him not to reveal anything.

Facebook fail and security question

The security breach discovered in September in the world’s first social network has allowed hackers to compromise the personal data of some 29 million users, said Facebook, Friday, October 12, in a statement. If the number of people affected can be cold in the back, which represent a much less than feared the firm initially. Facebook fail again. The company said that 15 million people had their name and personal contacts victims of hacking. And that additional details compromised for 14 million other users.

The social network had spoken of 50 million exposed accounts by revealing the case on 28 September. For all 29 million accounts, hackers – whose identity or origin have not yet revealed so far – accessed the user’s name, email address and / or number phone if indicated in the profile. Fishing has been much more successful, and potentially more damaging, in the other 14 million cases. In addition to the name and contacts, hackers also had access to the sex, status indicating the love situation, the education received, but also at the date of birth, the place of residence if informed, to the job held as well as on the internet pages and people followed by the users concerned. For another million cases, hackers were unable to access any information.

Facebook fail but Messenger apparently saved

facebook fail

Facebook argued the US federal police kept the investigation on track and asked them not to reveal anything. Much to the relief of its users, the social network said that the exchanges – often very intimate – on his Messenger messaging system were “not accessible to attackers” except for a very particular configuration. When a member of a Messenger group was also administrator of a Facebook page, a message sent by a Facebook user became accessible to hackers.

Mark Zuckerberg’s group confirmed Friday what he revealed on 28 September. The hackers took advantage of the present of several bugs dating from July 2017 and nested in the “See as” feature. Indeed it allows you to see what the profile looks like when he is seen by another user. In some cases, the use of this function “mistakenly” generated digital connection keys, called “access tokens”. They  allow you to stay connected without having to enter your password each time. The hackers have managed to seize these keys. Hence it gives access to the accounts as if we were the holder. Obvious Facebook fail.

On September 16, Facebook saw an unusual rise in the number of connections and decided to investigate. On September 25, the network discovers the attack and the fault. Facebook fail. The 2.2 billion users can check if they are among the victims on the Facebook help site. And the social network said it would send personalized messages to the 30 million victims in the coming days. Also to tell them which was precisely exposed and to give them useful advice to better protect themselves.

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