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Trading signals are always a go-to tool when traders are lacking the time to trade, or also, the knowledge.

Forex trading signals serve as indicators or suggestion of entering a trade on a currency pair usually at a specific price and time. Information is an invaluable commodity, and the more a trader has of it, the better they can feel about the choice they make.

Investors use forex trading signals to help them make decisions about their trades. Therefore using forex trading signals wisely has a massive impact as they guarantee you in attaining your profit. These trading signals are developed either by an automated machine or by a human trading analyst.

In brief, forex trading signals are one of the critical tools a forex trader should have as they are helpful every time.

How do Forex Trading Signals Work

Forex trading signals are unique, and they rely mostly on different analysis of the market. They offer trade recommendations created by trade experts that help forex traders make trading decisions without performing their research. They can offer suggestions about the general direction of a financial asset and the prevailing trend of the market.

Forex signals consist of trading ideas such as:

  • Financial assets
  • Entry price
  • Exit price
  • Stop loss levels
  • Take profit levels

Current trading signals are considered to be far more technical than buying and selling ideas. The fx trading signals help to reduce the disparity between gain and loss. These trading signals also become a saving grace for traders that are looking for a slight edge in the markets.

It is essential to invest in a good signal provider because this instrument will allow you to get interesting results from the beginning of their use (if applied properly).

You must consider several factors to make sure that your system is in line with the trader you are. Some even allow their clients to build their own portfolio, incorporating the principle of social trading based on the replication of the positions taken by the traders they want to follow.

They can fully define the trading parameters, including the size of the trade, and monitor trades losses/profits in real time. Trading signals are typically received by email or through charts displayed in each trading room in real time.

There are also Manual Trading Signals and Robot or AI signals.

What Do Forex Trading Signals Do?

Forex trading signals are there to analyse what a forex trader uses to depict the right time to buy or sell a currency. They help new and inexperienced traders to trade confidently. Forex trading signals can focus on technical charting tools or current news programmes. The main thrust is that of enabling growth and gaining more profit.

A trading signal system which consists of different symbols can help a day trader determine the best decision based on the quantity of information they can get.
As trading signals have a high degree of precision and accuracy, they can offer recommendations about the general directions of a financial asset and the prevailing trend of the market

Quality of the performance, amount of time it takes to follow the signals

The length of the trading time is all factors that you must analyze to find out what is best for you. Thus, some trading signals provide information on the points of entry and exit of the market, the assets to be monitored and it also allows you to place stop loss orders.

Customers of high-end automatic trading providers can take advantage of enriched trading signals giving them the right to a wide range of indications for the management of their own funds. Thus, they have at their disposal many tools to control the level of risk.

Some of the users that offer Signals Services have managed to develop their own strategy through years of experience.

This knowledge, gained by trading forex is normally available for a fee and It would be wise for new users to study these signals in advance in order to avoid any scams.

In general, the more information you get about the signal trading provider you choose, the better off you are. Once you have selected the right fx trading signal, try to make the most of it.

After all, this instrument can help you achieve quite spectacular results in the foreign exchange market if applied properly.

The trading signals given by Forex brokers are, for the most part, enriched in technical analysis

Commentaries by specialists in the foreign exchange market can vary depending on what markets are analyzed. Therefore, the human factor also has its place in the creation of this tool. There are Forex Brokers that offer both Signals and Social Trading such as Zulu.

These type of technical analysis or comments may support or challenge the signals. Probably, you will be advised not to follow signals if major fundamental events are occurring. It is better to stay off the markets if big events are taking place, as the volatility of the fx market increases dramatically and could wipe out your account if you are not careful.

Ways that a trader can receive forex trading signal:

Nowadays, with the technological advances we have all experienced, there are several ways in which a Forex Trader can receive fx signals.

 1.. Clear/paid SMS or alerts is a good way in which traders can receive forex trading signals. These SMS are sent straight to mobile cellphones or come in an email to traders. Sending forex trading signals via SMS is one of the easiest and fastest ways of sending messages to subscribers. Therefore, this service notifies you only when a good forex trade prevails in the market in real time.

A significant advantage of SMS trades is that you do not need to have an internet connection at all times. Your data might be running low; you might be on the train with a weak signal, or your internet is just not working at that time.

Once you receive the SMS, if you are interested in that Forex signal, turn on your internet, log in to your MT4 and place the trade!

2.. Web messenger is another option in which a trader can receive notifications or alerts signals at a continued basis. Web messengers are also a specialised tool that “traders” use for forex signals. It offers users real-time quotes, charts and signals notifications – Reliable Corporations do not normally use this one, it is generally used by private traders with Facebook groups (be aware of those, as a certain amount of “traders’ have sprouted and many are not real professional traders) – Also, do NEVER let anybody manage your account.

3.. Telegram is an excellent way to receive forex signals because it is secure, fast and user-friendly. It is an excellent app with a focus on speed and security. Telegram is being widely used for ICO groups, Forex Signals groups. Along with Whatsapp, these would be the most used apps and funnels through which Traders might and will receive forex trading signals.

Do have in mind, that any of the above will require YOU to input the trade in your MT4. Some services open the trade for you, but EaglesInvestors is against it. Why? You have Zero control over what trades are being opened, and you never know what security breach might take place.

Types of Forex Trading Signals

There are two main types of forex trading signals which guide the market professionals who produce the market signals. These are:

1. Automated forex trading signals

The first one is a computerised forex signal which mainly focuses on a programmed computer analysis of the market. A trader has to be in front of the computer over an extended period. The trader can choose to buy or sell a specific currency. An experienced trader will create the software that will come up with the trades. The expert trader programmes the system to react to different events, and the system produces the signals on its own.

Trading in this particular way can be accurate as long as a forex expert programmes the software. This type of signal is more efficient as it monitors the trends of all the trading charts 24/7. Therefore, the chances of missing important signals are minimal.

Automated forex signals software process much more information compared to a human forex trader. Consequently, they can execute a trade far much faster than a human being.

Forex Trading SignalsForex Trading Signals

Advantages of Automated Forex Trading Signals

Automated trading signals have good execution of speed. They can execute a trade far much faster than a human being. This creates a good chance for a trader to be filled at a good price.

Forex signals reduce the market role by updating traders in real time about the market trend. Therefore, signals help new and inexperienced traders to trade confidently.

Another advantage of automated forex trading signals is that machines do not have feelings, they do not panic, they do not rush, they do not get scared or tired. They will keep calculating all the trades following the same mathematical calculations.

There are many forex trading signals on the internet. Therefore some of them are accessible for free, and some are accessible for a fee defined by a signal provider.


Automated forex trading signals consist of massive breakdowns. These trading signals are easily affected by technical failures which may be caused by viruses.

These viruses cause the malfunctioning of the software, and this could be fatal to your account. Unlike human beings, they cannot factor in fundamental factors and market sentiments.

Also, the software needs to be continuously updated for them to function correctly.

2. Human forex trading signals.

Human forex trading system consists of a trader sitting in front of a computer. The trader will search and interpret signals on whether to sell or buy forex.

Human trading signals is an essential tool which a trader should also use. They allow you to be in charge of your account so that you can choose the ones that favour your line of analysis.

In addition to the above, most experienced traders have a good understanding of the market. Therefore they can depict good selling and buying opportunities. Expert analysts suggest focused signals which concentrate on in-depth fundamental analysis which offers an excellent reward.

Fundamental analysis is a key driving factor in trading; therefore, one should consider it. Most Automated robots do not normally take Fundamental Analysis into consideration.

Advantages of Human FX Signals

Unlike robots and machines, humans (regardless of their good or bad management of emotions), do have a capacity to “understand” the market. There are traders, with years of experience, that makes decisions, not only based on the numbers and technical analysis, but also on “the feel” of the market.

Also in Forex but mostly in Stock CFD trading the market, as anything in life, is mostly driven by sociology and psychology. Imagine, a human being will be able to detect that some bad press might damage the company’s stock price. When a robot or machine might be looking at the underlying numbers of that stock, a human being might see that as a perfect moment to access a trade.

Besides, Trading Signals given by a human will tend to have larger targets. Robot signals are unlikely to be able to calculate long-term trades, as the market can change any time. They are generally based on short-term, and hence, small profit targets. It is better to die a hero than live long enough to become the villain. 


On the other hand, human psychology also comes with drawbacks when analysing forex trading signals. First and foremost, a human being is undoubtedly more intelligent than most Forex Trading signals robots, but our processing speed is much lower.

The database on our brains is also much more limited than that one of a robot. Meaning, we might have a broader understanding of the market, but we might be lacking in historical data, and speed to process all of the possible outcomes.

Trading Signals

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Safety Precautions

Using forex signals can be a crucial way of improving your trading performance. There are many safety precautions which one has to go through. Below are some of the safety tips we urge you to read and understand:

  • The forex market attracts a huge and diverse amount of traders. Therefore reliance on information to make financial decisions is a crucial asset to investors. Some trading signals providers provide inadequate information at a premium cost to traders. Inadequate information distorts an investor’s ability to make a correct decision in the market.
  • The best traders also make mistakes, therefore, supplementing trading signals with your research is vital. If you do not subscribe to the recommendations by a signal provider, ditch the signal and look for new trading options.
  • Signals providers mostly provide some recommendations into acceptance which suits their ideologies. Therefore as a trader, you must increase/decrease the leverage according to your risk appetite.
  • Money management is the key to having a successful forex trading strategy. Therefore one has to conserve trading capital to ensure that you can stay in the market even if you encounter a loss.

In conclusion, forex trading signals are usually termed as entry and exit signals. Keep in mind that they are only viewed as accurate and active for a short period. More importantly, most traders benefit from these signals as they inform on the best time to buy or sell currency.

Trading Signals

As you can see, trading signals are very important to support you when trading in the foreign exchange market. For beginners fx traders, it is a significant help to understand the workings of markets and adjust its first trades. Experienced traders are able to design their own signals depending on the approach and volatility of markets.

For a better understanding of trading signals, one must be familiar with technical analysis. Being able to make use of all the technical tools and indicators within the platform and predict an accurate trade. The most commonly used indicators in determining demand and supply are RSI (relative straight index) and Stochastic Oscillator.

More on technical analysis and indicators on a featured article where I will explain how to use them and apply their use on your trading platform.

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