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If you want to improve your finances by spending little to no money, undoubtedly the best thing is to find books or forex ebooks about Financial Education, Personal Finance and specific to the Forex niche.

Invest in your education first.

Many people make the mistake of trying to cut corners and find quick money solutions. After some months of wasting your money on Signals, you realise you might need to UNDERSTAND then first, in order to make the most out of it.

What ebooks should you focus on

The more you read, the more you learn, but for Forex Ebooks you do not really need to learn about macroeconomics (even though it definitely would add value to your general knowledge base!).

  1. If you are a complete beginner, you would need to start by understanding what Forex is.
  2. Then move to some technical analysis ebooks, such as:
    1. Candlesticks.
    2. Support and Resistance levels.
    3. Charts.
    4. Strategies for beginners.
  3.  After that, fundamental analysis. You need to know how NEWS and events affect the market. You can choose to not implement them, but you definitely need to understand what moves the prices.
  4. Regulation of brokers and Security of funds!
  5. Psychology of Trading. This should go number 2, but we KNOW that you won’t start caring about this until you have lost more than you have won. It is considered, by beginners, a bit useless. We are all very brave at the beginning, then we realise that controlling our emotions is indeed more important than we thought.

It is something almost inevitable… In a few hours of reading, you can improve the way you think and react towards a certain financial subject!

It does not matter the type of investor you are. If the forex eBook is good, it will definitely add to what you already knew. Making your success a bit more likely.

Do not be too brave, you ALWAYS need education.

You may be thinking: The issue with money and the economy sounds a bit boring and kind of a taboo. Maybe the only taboo of this era. Forex has been used endlessly to scam traders, by making them deposit on ghost brokers, to misleading their trades.

The only way to fight misinformation in the forex world is having your own educated opinion. Forex ebooks are a way to start gathering the based knowledge you need. And it is also for free. Make sure you compare arguments, analysis, strategies among many forex ebooks, as this is the only way to form a mixed and full opinion.

There is a before and an after when reading a good eBook about Financial Education and Personal Finance. At Eagles Investors, we do offer you different ebooks to get you started.

Make sure you register to be able to download the forex ebooks.

If you take the leap and make the great decision to read some (or all) … please do not stay there. Knowledge is useless if it is not applied.

Keep what you like most about these eBooks, apply it and tell us how your trading improves.