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Have you heard about Autochartist? Many institutional traders and brokers are using it, what are you waiting for?

It’s time to get you a free plugin from Autochartist, which will help you with your trading and profit planning. Let us tell you why.

Who and what is Autochartist?

In 2004, Autochartist began its journey in assisting traders and brokers with automated technical analysis.



At its helm, the CEO Ilan Azbel and a team of brilliant analysts are constantly improving the plugin. Autochartist is one of the best plugin out there, tailored for MT4,5 platforms that enchant the trading experience. Over the years Autochartist earned recognition from 45 top brokers and its growing community of 50.000 traders in 80 countries. Initially, the best plugin was applied on US Equities and because it was saving traders allot of time it became universal.

Over the years Autochartist enhanced their features and earned even more attention from traders. The best plugin for MT4,5 it’s a state of the art today and can provide accurate technical and fundamental analysis for all types of traders.


List of Brokers

How to use Autochartist

Before using it first you need to download it and there are two options for that. The web app or the MT4,5 plugin.

The web app doesn’t need an installation and it works directly in your default browser.

Second option is to download it from brokers that are allowing this expert advisor or go to their website and get it from there.

Note: if the broker you are trading with does not have the download link for the plugin then make sure to read the terms and conditions because it might not be allowed by the broker. After you download and install the plugin check expert advisors on MT4,5, from there simply drag and drop it to your chart. Besides being the best Mt4 plugin today, Autochartist is an automated analysis service for financial markets. That said, Autochartist is the independent analytical software of choice that scans the market and provides you with several opportunities.


Among the main features of Autochartist money management is an important one. Hence it can help traders calculate the risk/reward ratio avoiding massive losses. The best MT4,5 plugin will help you identify and react to the ever-changing market conditions. Also, it will help traders to optimize stop-loss and take-profit with the built-in volatility analysis tool.

Also, another interesting feature is the Blog and market analysis where you can find daily market analysis made by Autochartist users.


  • Opportunity to define the base parameters of current trends, who are visible as figures of technical analysis.
  • Signals that are designed for support and resistance breakouts.
  • Cross tracking of all currency pairs on your trading terminal, plus rapid switching between charts.
  • The Key Levels and Fibonacci Patterns filters allow you to easily understand the level of volatility and analyze the correction levels.
  • Autochartist combines instruments of technical and fundamental analysis used in the MetaTrader 4, 5 platforms.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • The risk calculator helps you evaluate the recommended volume to open your position based on the funds you’re willing to risk.
  • Unlike other similar services, Autochartist is holding webinars designed to help users understand technical analysis better.


  • It does not predict the future and the data that it’s using is past and present.
  • Fundamental events will always shift the direction of the markets, therefore contradicting the plugin’s analysis.
  • If your broker is not partnered with Autochartist then you will have to pay a monthly subscription of $49,95.
  • 5 tools to chose from but not all are free.

Review Conclusion

Simple and intuitive the plugin is meant to help even the beginner trader in his trading journey. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s 100% accurate and it is safe to assume that extra analysis is recommended.

On numerous occasions even the biggest analysis make mistakes and this plugin will most probably do the same. This does not mean is not a great tool for analysis when it comes down to trading but use it at your own risk.

After doing some more research, like any other product, it has good and bad reviews but the overall sentiment of both users and brokers is a positive one. Some of our mentors and analysts are using Autochartist and we asked if they are recommending it. The answer was: “Yes we do recommend it, if not for real trading at least as an educational tool”.

That said, we do recommend using the plugin for either trading or technical analysis since it will save you a lot of time.




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