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It’s a well-known fact that the Tony Stark of our reality, Elon Musk, is a Twitter, let’s say, enthusiast.
The man is very fond of the social media platform, and it has gotten him in a few pickles over the years. Nevertheless, Musk is still going strong on the platform and is tweeting about everyone and everything, never caring about the consequences. Until now, that is.

Elon Musk deletes Twitter

Yup, the man, the myth, the legend, is no longer on Twitter, sad emoji face. The Twitter account that has repeatedly gotten him in legal trouble.
But wait! After digging up the internet (that’s slang for doing a google search), it appears that Elon is still on the platform. He just changed his profile picture to black and hasn’t tweeted in a couple of days, after tweeting “Just deleted my Twitter account”. He has since deleted that tweet and put a heart emoji for his profile picture.

The confusion started on Sunday when Musk changed his Twitter name to DaddyDotCom probably because of Father’s Day. Then the tweet about the deleting of the account happened. However, 17 hours later, the account is still open under “elonmusk” name with his 27 million followers.

Huh, strange, isn’t it?

Also, a day before he changed his Twitter name to DaddyDotCom, Elon Musk got into an altercation with a Meli Magali. You must be wondering who Meli Magali is. She is an artist whose art Elon posted on Twitter, apparently without acknowledging the artist. So a twitter beef happened between the two parties. Which resulted in the whole fiasco of ” Elon Musk deletes Twitter ”.

Investor reactions

It’s not that uncommon of a fact that information, however small, huge, silly, or anything in between can have an adverse effect on the price of a stock.
You can probably see where we’re heading with this.
Yes, even though Elon Musk deletes Twitter is fake newsISH, the stock market has responded.
Elon posted the tweet on Sunday when the price of the stock was still 214.92 USD. After investors noticed what he did, the stock jumped to 226.23USD, now how about that? So the whole ”Elon Musk deletes Twitter” thing still had some effect on the movement of stocks.

elon musk delete twitter

The reasoning behind the reaction

Well, there are a few theories behind the reaction of the stock market. Most common one being is that the investors don’t really have to worry about Elon tweeting something that might negatively impact the price of the Tesla stock. For example, you probably remember how their stock prices dipped once he smoked weed on a podcast.
Even though you or I might not see it as a big deal, the big bucks sure seem to think so, and money speaks louder than words it seems.

Was this planned?

With a reputation of being a genius, it makes you wonder if ” Elon Musk deletes Twitter ” plot was an already thought out move.

Well, Elon used his Twitter account to play pranks on people and make interesting statements. For example, in February, he all of a sudden changed his Twitter name to “elontusk.” When he was questioned about why did he change it, during a conference call with reporters, he just said:

“I was just playing the fool on Twitter.”

That is not all. One of his biggest Twitter controversies was when he tweeted that he had secured funding to take his company Tesla private. That tweet has caused Tesla’s stocks to go wild. Since an offer never happened, so the Securities and Exchange Commission accused Elon Musk of using Twitter to deceive investors. This resulted in a settlement with SEC, in which Elon Musk and Tesla would each pay a $20 million fine, Elon Musk would step down as chairperson for at least three years (although he would remain CEO), and Tesla’s lawyers would “pre-approve” any of Musk’s written statements that could contain any important information to the company and its shareholders.

He might have had an idea that his lack of a Twitter presence could indeed fluff up the stock price of his beloved Tesla. After the lacklustre earnings for the first quarter, maybe this was a plan to boost the numbers for the second quarter.
But we’re just shooting in the dark. It’s not like we’re going to really know that, at least, not any time soon.
All we know is that the proof is in the pudding, so to speak. And Tesla’ pudding sure looks really nice right about now.elon musk delete twitter

What does Tesla have in store now?

Apart from their fleet of cars, they need to ramp up the production of their cars while keeping the costs as low as possible in order to meet their plans for vehicle deliveries and achieve profitability.

Also, Tesla has released the possibility of leasing their Model 3 electric car. However, once the Tesla Model 3 lease expires, you will not be able to buy the electric vehicle. The reason behind this is, that when the Tesla Model 3 lease expires, the company is planning on using those cars as part of its autonomous ride-hailing network. Name of the autonomous ride-hailing network is the Tesla Network. The decision to keep the vehicles once the lease expires displays that the company has great confidence in the development of its self-driving program. Which means that money that they lose from not offering the vehicles to be bought will be brought back through other means.
elon musk delete twitter


The excitement that this man can bring from a single tweet is impressive. Even though he already got in trouble over his previous tweets, he keeps on going making controversial tweets, which is excellent for us, so don’t think that I am judgemental of this man.

So, while the headline “ Elon Musk deletes Twitter ” seems to be like a clever move from the billionaire genius, he’s only left us guessing what stunt he’s going to pull next. To be completely honest, we can’t wait to see what stunt he will pull next.

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