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Tesla Model 3 lease has been made possible! This is a great option to have when buying a new car. But, what are the new features? How will the leasing work? Can you buy the car after the lease expires? Those are the questions that you will get the answers to right now!

Changes to Tesla Model 3

It has been barely two months since Tesla unveiled their Tesla Model 3 car that costs 35,000 dollars, and it has already been extracted from the online configurator, moving it to an off-menu type ordering.

On Thursday, Tesla had an announcement about the changes that they made to the Tesla Model 3 lineup. The 35,000 dollars Standard Range model has been removed from the website which means you can only order it through a phone or you can go to a real Tesla store. And for the Tesla Model 3 Long Range, it is the same story.

That is not all… Now the Tesla Model 3 Standard Range is a Standard Range Plus model that has software disabling several features. The features being disabled are music streaming, heated seats, and navigation. It will have a battery rated at 240 miles, but 10 percent of the battery will be software locked. However, buyers will have an option to unlock the features at a later time. For now, the Standard Plus will begin at 39,500 dollars, with the company’s not complete self-driving Autopilot system included, instead of 37,500 dollars plus a 3,000 dollars upgrade for the Autopilot.

tesla model 3 lease

Tesla Model 3 lease

Finally, Tesla Model 3 lease is possible. However, the option of buying will not be included, well at least for the US. All Tesla Model 3 leases are for 36 months which will include options for 10,000, 12,000 or 15,000 miles a year. The minimum Tesla Model 3 lease deposit is 3,000 dollars.  However, the amount can change depending on both the specifications and mileage; the amount will range between 4,199 and 4,584 dollars. The amount of the Tesla Model 3 lease monthly payments can decrease if you choose to make a substantial down-payment. If you don’t select that option, then the payment will range from 535 dollars for the cheapest Standard Range Plus to 889 dollars for the Model 3 Performance.

Tesla Model 3 lease possible, but you can’t purchase it?

Unlike the usual agreement, once the Tesla Model 3 lease expires you will not be able to purchase the vehicle. The reason for that is, that when the Tesla Model 3 lease expires, the company plans to use those vehicles as part of its autonomous ride-hailing network. Name of the service is the Tesla Network. The decision to keep the cars once the Tesla Model 3 lease expires shows great confidence from the company in the development of its self-driving program. As a result, any money that is lost from not offering the cars to be bought will be brought back through other means.

On April 22nd Tesla is going to host an Autonomy Investor Day at its HQ in Palo Alto. There the company’s roadmap for full self-driving features will be showed and reviewed. Few of Tesla’s self-driving features have already been released; including Navigate on Autopilot and Summon, also Hardware 3 is being included in the production of new cars. The event will be streamed live so if you want to learn more check it out.

Elon Musk already teased the option of a ride-hailing network from the Tesla vehicles, but there weren’t more details about it.

This move can help boost the sale of Model 3 in a moment when investors are losing fate about the demand for the vehicle. Also, people that buy the luxury car will undoubtedly choose to do the Tesla Model 3 lease than to buy it.


With the Tesla Model 3 lease option, the company will surely attract more customers. However, will removing the option to purchase the used car after the end of the lease hurt them? I think not. The plans they have for the cars will probably help them cover the losses; and maybe, dare I say, make them a profit. But, for that, we will have to wait and see. Until then, if you find driving an electric car interesting, maybe it’s not a bad time to lease it.

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