Want To Step On Your Own Business 2020? You Need To Read This First

Is having your own business a dream for many people?

Having your own business became popular when the co-working and online service world became more widespread. When creating your own business has such low costs, to be your boss has never been so easy, even with a modest investment.

If you ever dreamt about being your boss, this is your time. When you decide to get started and create your own business, you have to make sure that:

  • Your idea, service, and product solve a problem.
  • Know whether there is an emerging or already existing demand.
    • Is it good timing?
      • Is it too late
      • Or is it too soon?
  • Also, take into consideration three key points:
    • Risk
    • Originality
    • Profitability.

Moreover, decide from the beginning a margin of error when calculating risks, this can get calculated in terms of month or capital. Because not always your own business will reach success from the get-go. You can also adapt and decide to go local instead of international and then spread your wings to the global market. Maybe you also see that perhaps it will be easier to modify your services for something more achievable and then change from there.

What are the most critical factors for a Start-up to succeed?

As you can see in the video, it turns out that neither capital, idea, or business model matters as much as TIMING. If you want to become your boss, you will have to do extensive research about those factors. And try to make as few mistakes as possible. But do not be fearful of making mistakes, that is necessary for your learning curve.

If you want to check some of the cheapest business ideas, read our article on the matter. For now, we will discuss some of the latest most creative ideas people who decided to be their boss had.

Which should be your own business with initial investment +$100k?

  • Who had the most excellent idea to start their own business called “Nap Bar” – Bar with siestas. They created a cozy nest also used as a relaxation center, especially adapting to an urban lifestyle where clients can enjoy a moment of relaxation at any time of the day, in a hammock, a relaxing seat or a cocooned seat.

You can avoid excessive rent. Space can get located on the floor of a building in the city center. It is not necessary to see the main street.own business investment

  • Medieval Restaurant. The success of the series “the Lord of the Rings” or “Games of Throne” showcase the attraction towards the medieval period, it is a fascinating theme restaurant that will immerse you straight into the award-winning series and movie!

All you need to do is create a menu using medieval cooking recipes in a decor of dragons and knights. Who wouldn’t dine in such restaurants, I know I would.

  • Vintage car rental service. You need to build a fleet of charming old cars. The use can be for a birthday, a business meeting, a romantic evening, or a weekend escape. Also, consider going to auctions and bid for vintage cars where usually you can get a better deal for it.

What other business can be your own with an initial investment of $40k to $100k

  • Mobile solutions development for local companies. Often away from technological developments, a mobile solution can expand the sales of local companies. This type of company is somewhat hard if you do not have the expertise if you want to be your own boss. In this case, the money will not be enough. You have to find an excellent team to be able to deliver a service worthwhile.

Thanks to a mobile app, they can easily offer their products and interact with customers.

  • Escape game. The craze for escapes games is strong now. It is necessary to elaborate on an original concept with role plays, immersion in a virtual world, and different levels of difficulties. You can also create activities outdoors and play on thematic movies or series. This will need a vast imagination and creative ideas. But with a fun group of organized business entrepreneurs, it can be a hit! The fact of being able to deal with large groups of clients is a plus.
  • Wine production kit for city dwellers. The idea is to turn the roofs of buildings into real small vineyards. Equipment could produce up to 300 bottles per year. Hoping the taste will be up to its value.

How to be your own boss for less than $40k…?

  • Online platform for school help. Think about creating an app that allows you to photograph a question, a translation, an exercise algebra, and receive instant online support. This type of business takes advantage of the online world, and the idea is to help those in need “instantly.”

Busy at home? Perhaps you work all day, and you cannot depend on someone else to help you out when needed. You can always use technology!

  • Office massage. Book with companies´ HR a time slot and then offer to their employees to have a 20 minutes massage session in a sitting position on a suitable seat and area. Relaxed employees can help the company better, and its ROI will indeed increase. By facts!

Also, that is a high selling point for your marketing strategy and approach if you get a big company with enough clients you also do not need many people on your team to make this a success.

own business investment

  • The kit of DIY materials online. More and more people enjoy tinkering at home. Build a library, repair a washbasin, remake the tiles, then offer DIY kits with methodology and expert advice.

These ideas of “own business” are just examples. You can think of thousands and thousands of opportunities to have your own business and be your own boss. You have to be creative.

Do not forget to identify the market, the right time for the launch, and find a good team with qualified skills to help you if needed.

If you don’t have enough money to start a business, why not grow your wallet by investing online in the stock markets. You will see here selected brokers that will help you understand the different trading strategies. This type of online business is risky, and you have to be careful not to deposit more than you can afford to lose. Start small, always withdraw your profits to recover your own money, and then build from there!

Another new trend is to invest in Cryptocurrencies. With a small amount invested, if you choose the right moment to do so, you could double your funds in a brief period. Of course, big rewards also mean significant risks. Learn what is the difference between Fiat currency and Cryptocurrency, and let´s go!

A smart investor is the one that has different incomes from different industries. Be wise!

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