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Montenegro and the jewel named Perast

Since independence in 2006, the small state of the former Yugoslavia, Montenegro, is the new eldorado for tourists looking for a tax haven of luxury.
It is a pearl left untouched. Perast is a small picturesque town on the Adriatic coast and declared “World Heritage” by Unesco since 1979.

It must remain preserved as the place is unique in its beauty and tranquility.

Culture in the new eldorado

Facing the mouth of Kotor bay, a city of a few hundred inhabitants is the ideal place for a stay combining culture, relaxation and gastronomy.

It houses, among other things, Baroque monuments and Venetian palaces: between 1420 and 1797, the city and its surroundings depended on Venice. It is the Venetians who gave the country its name, with Montenegro meaning “black mountain”. Their influence is still visible, especially in the uniform structure and architecture of the cities around the bay.

The culinary art of the region draws heavily on the Transalpine Peninsula. In addition, the local specialties is candied peppers and can be found in all restaurant menus along the Montenegrin shores.

new eldorado montenegro

No VAT on fuel and many other advantages

This Balkan new eldorado is surrounded by high mountains and has long been an area of ​​peace and stability between the Catholic world and the Ottoman Empire. The region still has a large number of Catholic and Orthodox churches, most of them dating back centuries.

Kotor has become the new eldorado for the great fortunes of the world. The ones in search of picturesque and folklore. Following the hundreds of millions of dollars invested in its marina by Canadian billionaire Peter Munk, Porto Montenegro has become known for hosting on its docks the largest yachts in the world.

From then on, the international jet-set and the princes of the Middle East stop there daily to refuel and enjoy many benefits, including tax. For now, Montenegro is not a member of the European Union and boaters do not pay VAT on fuel. As for the many assistance services (24/7), they are subject to only 7% VAT. This alone saves tens of thousands of francs for vacationers.

new eldorado montenegro

Another aspect and the European Union

However, in all of this success, there is a small downside. In fact you could consider it has become a victim of its own success. This new eldorado is already the spot for thousands of tourists disembarking cruises daily and visiting its rocky peak.

Montenegro aims to attract travelers from all over the world, similarly to its neighbor Croatia. It seems though, that this popular destination is now saturated. Seeing as the resort of Porto Montenegro are becoming more and more popular.

Several years ago the country attempted to join the European Union. In fact it has even adopted the euro as the national currency. Contrary to Croatia – a EU member – which still uses the “kuna”.

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