Changes in the way we work are inevitable, it comes with changes in how we want to make money and create a second income. A second income turns to be the best option when it comes to making some extra money. Some people turn to investments, such as CFDs, Forex, Cryptocurrencies (both mining AND trading). Others go for real estate investments and many go for freelancing at the same time as they are working for someone else. The bravest might try entrepreneurship and building their own business. We will discuss some of the reasons why this happens, also the advantages and disadvantages of being an entrepreneur/freelancer and some tools you will find useful if you decide to earn a bit on the side, by making use of your skills and passions. Why would anyone have to say NO to their passion "just because" it is more difficult to make a living out of it? Starting by creating a second income might be the answer, once you are positioned well enough you can take the risk and make it your main business. Give yourself a chance!

    When it comes to working here and there and creating a second income, there are different mobile applications that might help you establish a group of clients thanks to which you will create a stable income.

    Such platforms are great for you to publish your skill set and people will hire you when needed. If what you are looking for is something more up to date, you can also have a look at the video below - here & there, is a Social Activity platform and website where anybody can host activities and events, and get paid for it! If you can play Tennis, play the Piano, or you know a great place to go to have a Picnic... Feel free to add it to this app. You might want to start doing what you really LOVE in order to create a second income.

    Here & there - Everywhere, Indiegogo Campaign

    Why Most of us Become Freelancers and Entrepreneurs.

    Everyone has their different motives as to why they choose to become a freelancer or entrepreneur, this article will provide an overview of some of the most popular reasons for us to go and start a business instead of staying in the “Comfort-zone” of the 9 to 5 employment. If you identify with a few of the reasons, chances are that you are itching to become a freelancer or entrepreneur, regardless of your goal being creating your own business or just earning a second income. The motives are endless, so this list is quite extensive as it would be nearly impossible to list all the reasons people choose to start their own business. Hopefully, these insights serve as something to reflect on if you are thinking about becoming a Freelancer or Entrepreneur.

    Goodbye “Bosses”

    I am sure this will be the most common reason for taking the leap into Entrepreneurship, even if it is by starting to earn a second income. The freedom that comes with being your own boss is up there as the number one motivation. It is safe to say no one enjoys working under micro-management but unfortunately the average business level management operated with exactly that style. From personal experience the number of “Bosses” we face instead of “Leaders” is ridiculous. Some of these positions are also filled based on personal favors and office politics, not on merit. As a Freelancer and second income earner, gone are the days where you must be clocking in and out of the office and being warned for being late— you are the captain of your ship and that’s a great feeling.

    Goodbye Office Politics

    Office politics is a sure way to make people feel miserable. Surely many would agree to say it is probably the most unpleasant part of their jobs. Having to tend to someone’s ego or being selective of your colleagues based on reputation. It’s like high school all over again. As soon as you take that leap into Entrepreneurship you will never have to face these issues while working for yourself. After all, you will have a say in who you end up hiring!

    Freedom to Work - Anytime - Anywhere

    There’s no 9 to 5 unless you want that to be your schedule. Let’s say that you always had your most productive hours from 11 PM to 4 AM, no one is stopping you from having that as your schedule. As a business owner you decide from where to work as long as the targets are met, and when earning a second income, you set up your own targets. Clients are interested in your results and it’s not up to them to decide where you work to get achieve those results. Nowadays many freelancers are location-independent workers, commonly known as “digital nomads”. They decide to change location basis and work wherever they like. Just because the option of working remotely is there, it does not necessarily mean that you must – the beach is probably not the most practical place to be productive. “With great power comes great responsibility”. It will take self-discipline to get the hard work done before going for a swim, one definitely needs the willpower to get outside of one's comfort zone and earn a second income successfully for it to become your main business. Here and there - Second income

    Here & there - Everywhere, is not only for entrepreneurs but also for those travelers that need on-demand nearby activities!

    Start earning a second income today - And offer your services to anybody around you.

    Freedom to Work on Any Project

    If you’re an animator and you hate working on financial company websites, you don’t have to stick to it, you can set up a profile in many freelance websites and start earning a second income that will soon become your main salary. If you were to be a writer and you never want to write another sales letter again, you do not have to. Employees must work, for the good or for the bad, on projects the boss assigns. Freelancers have the choice on what project to work on if they feel inclined towards a certain passion or they find it fitting their expertise. On the other hand, having a task at hand and not having to decide also makes, somehow, things easier. You need to decide if sticking to somebody´s ruling is worthy, and if it is not, start earning a second income doing what YOU choose to do. It’s also not easy to find the perfect freelance job which is interesting and motivating the whole time. As always you must consider the repetitive work such as accounting, admin, but most of your time should be spent doing the things you are passionate about.

    Freedom to Choose Who You Work With

    Have a client that you don’t get along with? Fire the client! Freelancers and entrepreneurs don’t have to work with people who they are forced to work with, this goes for colleagues AND clients. Always remember though, earning a second income is not as easy as it seems, so be kind to whoever helps you take off at the beginning. If you want your second income activities to give you the freedom to be a full independent worker, be on your A game.

    Goodbye Unpaid Overtime

    Overtime without compensation? Don’t pretend you’re surprised by this, it’s quite common with a 9-5 job. As a freelancer, there is no such thing. Actually, overtime is the main source for your second income! As long as you’re working, you’re earning. You will only charge clients the work you put in and you will not put in work unless you’re actually getting paid.

    Earn More than You ever did Before

    In the early days as a freelancer and as a business owner—you might take any of the work you can get, as you are starting and you need to make a rename to yourself. After a while, you’ll have more offers of work than you can handle and you will be able to choose and pick whichever seems more attractive. When that day comes, your second income activity can actually become your full working day. Once demand is higher than supply, you can choose to raise your rates. Freelancers normally get paid much higher rates, (as they are the ones to choose them) than their employed equivalents - Someone's second income can literally be higher than someone's salary. You may be wondering why and it’s simply because Freelancers meet all their own expenses. Consider the equipment; health insurance; vacations, all the comfort that comes from being employed does not come for free. Simply put, business owners do not have the security and charge a premium for that insecurity. However, as your businesses grow your potential earnings have no limits. Simply put, the more effort you put, the bigger the reward - The more work, the bigger your second income will become!

    Learn More than You Did Before

    Every day in the freelance and entrepreneurial life brings new challenges, and you learn from each of them. You become more than a content writer or a web developer. You become a business person and you must overcome business challenges daily. Here and there - Second income

    Job Security

    No one can fire you when you’re the boss. Everything in life has its uncertainty. However, as a freelancer, in the long run, you have more control over your future and your earnings. Some people would consider that to be far better than working for someone who can tell you that the company suddenly doesn’t need you anymore. Everything in life has its perks and its risks. Both working for someone and working for oneself to earn a second income has its difficulties. When it comes to owing one's future there is a certain security to it. A certain assurance that is up to you, working it out.

    You Gain Confidence

    People look at you and treat you differently when you are the boss. You handle the client relations, the sales, the meetings, all by yourself. Having this freedom and independence really boosts your confidence.


    You have more than enough reasons to become a freelance entrepreneur and start earning a second income. Make sure to take your time and consider which of these appeals to you the most. It also depends on what kind of services or activities you are going to be offering the world to be able to make a second income successfully. If you’re focusing on digital work, there are many platforms like Up works or Fiverr where you can list your skills and find offers. An example of this would be: You are a video animator and you advertise your portfolio and expertise through those platforms in order to earn a second income. If you are more hands-on or a location-based entrepreneur, you can use a platform like Here & there. It focuses on the social activities and services offered to nearby clients. An example of this would be: You are a skilled pianist and a piano tutor, and you advertise your classes through the platform.

    Here and there - Second income

    If you want to start this adventure with us, do not feel shy and tell us what is it that you are passionate about!

    Feel free to have a look at this campaign and give us your opinion! Would you use them? If so, why?


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