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Swiss Investors organize Crypto conference

Eight renowned Swiss investors organized the first world conference on cryptocurrency and blockchain investments. The three-day “Crypto Conference” has been taken place in January 2018 just before the World Economic Forum in St. Moritz – Switzerland. The main figures in the Cryptocurrency investment sector have been included.

The eight-person investors and entrepreneur groups that are organizing the world’s first “Crypto Conference” is hoping to better understand the blockchain and crypto-currencies.

But the conference for the global investment community also has other priorities. It plans to showcase:

  • How to invest in this area.
  • The perspective of risk specialists and legislators, and their way of thinking.
  • How to create record crypto-currencies reliably and securely.

Nearly 250 selected investors have been invited to the Crypto Conference. It took place from 17th to 19th January 2018 at the Suvretta House in St. Moritz.

Cryptocurrencies are of interest to investors

According to Tobias Reichmuth, CEO & founder of SUSI Partners AG, PCA of Crypto Finance AG and co-founder of the Crypto Conference, blockchain and crypto-currencies are of great interest to investors. He notes, however, that as with every new technology launch, media hype, traps, and high volatility will be expected. “We are seeing a huge knowledge and information-processing deficit on the part of investors, and we intend to remedy this situation,” he says, explaining the purpose of the conference. Although it is true that many conferences on new technologies are organized around the world, no one has ever organized a platform specialized in professional exchange at the level of crypto-finance.

Prestigious Ambiance in St. Moritz, Swiss

The high level of enthusiasm already generated by the conference confirms that the organizers of the conference are indeed in tune with the times. More than 20 renowned speakers and the main worldwide actors in the field of investment in cryptocurrencies are present at the event.

In addition to blockchain veteran Bobby Lee, who launched the first bitcoin exchange, Jon Matonis, Founding Director of the Bitcoin Foundation, also announced his arrival. The founders of the largest cryptocurrency funds, as well as successful investors in this field, will also speak on the subject.

Daniel Gutenberg, a member of the organizing committee, who is very successful in this area, explains: “The list of invited guests to the Crypto Conference exceeds our expectations. I have never heard of an event that brings so much knowledge to the world of crypto-currencies and bitcoins. ”


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The organizing committee and the leading role of Switzerland

In addition to Tobias Reichmuth and Daniel Gutenberg, the Crypto Conference’s organizing committee also includes Eric Sarasin (former banker and active Private Equity Investor), Marc P. Bernegger (Web Entrepreneur and Fintech Investor), and Schoscho Rufener. (founder of the largest event agency in Switzerland), Pascal Forster (renowned staff advisor, entrepreneur, and investor), Sam Manz (founder of and and Andrea-Franco Stöhr ( renowned lawyer of St. Moritz).

With the Crypto Valley, Switzerland plays a major role in the world of the blockchain landscape. Organizing the first Crypto Conference for investors in Switzerland is, therefore, a very good choice.

St. Moritz creates the ideal atmosphere for this dynamic community. Switzerland continues to make headlines about the important role mentioned by Marc P. Bernegger. For example, the city of Zug is the first municipality in the world that offers all its inhabitants the possibility to appropriate a digital identity. Allowing personal information to be stored safely thanks to blockchain technologies. The Swiss private bank Falcon also writes the history of bitcoin services by offering crypto-currencies to its customers, and even a bitcoin machine, in the lobby of its Zurich headquarters.

October 9, 2018, Smile-Expo: the Blockchain and Crypto conference in Geneva

The crypto conference brought together the best industry experts. Recognized specialists, crypto-market gurus, developers, entrepreneurs, payment system representatives, and lawyer. All sharing their views on the development of blockchain technologies around the world.

A topic such as Crypto-market analysis, business solutions for FinTech achievements, Blockchain and Bitcoin perspectives. Also advanced technologies and technical aspects of working with smart technologies, the latest regulatory changes, bitcoin extraction and exchange. All these topics and many more will be raised at the Blockchain & Crypto Conference in Geneva October 9, 2018.

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