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Brazil election: Bolsonaro elected

The strong Brazilian democracy has turned into a big agitation. Brazilians see their first right winged president more than 30 years after the end of a dictatorship. A new age for the economy of this promising country.

brazil election

Jair Bolsonaro, who takes office on January 1, 2019, received Sunday a clear mandate with more than 55% of the vote. Ahead of the left-wing candidate Fernando Haddad (45%) after a campaign that divided the largest Latin American country. Once installed in the palace of Planalto in Brasilia, the former captain will have a lot to do. He has to pick up the pieces of a country that iss fractured deeply, after years of left wing corrupt governance.

Economy, hope and leftist

After the Brazil election Bolsonaro will be in charge for four years, following the conservative Michel Temer. This turnover happening during a rate of historic unpopularity and with the country in bad shape. Jair Bolsonaro is expected to visit Brasilia on Tuesday to meet with Temer, as well as the President of the Supreme Court Dias Toffoli and the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, General Eduardo Villas Bôas. This deputy, who has only passed two laws in 27 years is known for his warlike gestures. He arrives at the head of a country of 208 million people without experience of power like his future ministers.

The list is long of the Brazilians who have enough to be excited about the future after declarations from Bolsonaro who wants to govern “for the majority, not for the minority”. He was not counting the pressures of left wing parts who do not see eye to eye with him. Green terrorists, extreme feminists, members of the LGBT community, far leftist activists, NGOs asking for subsidies and communist journalists.

Strong pressures behind this Brazil election

Optimism and hope, indeed it’s less than simple ideology, requiring a serious and responsible turn for the country. “There is no doub, it is clear that with his antecedents and strong statements, he has attracted attention.” Said Leandro Gabiati, director of the consulting firm Dominium, in Brasilia.

It must be remembered, that Brazil is one of the strongest democracies in Latin America. Bolsonaro will also be under surveillance of the international community. He will have to put the economy back in motion as quickly as possible, because it will have a margin of only six months, or a year,” said Mr. Gabiati.

Gaspard Estrada a specialist in Latin American Political-Sciences university in Paris. He believes that Bolsonaro will have very strong pressure to show results very quickly. Hence, at the economic level, he will prove that he is in charge of the situation. Everyone standing with him to restore the level of life that deserves this great country. He will show good results for the financial markets that gave him its trust. Also the social life will be better, fighting against gangs, violence and drug trafficing.

Brazil election and Football

League players, international stars, former legends of the Seleçao, many Brazilian footballers welcome the election of the candidate Jair Bolsonaro as the president.


This Sunday night, at Stade Vélodrome, three Brazilians played the Classic between OM and PSG (2-0 for Paris). Behind France, Brazil was the most represented on the field. A few minutes after the end of the meeting, they rushed to their phones to discover the results for the Brazil election. It seems it was a dream result for the majority of Brazilian footballers.

With twenty-six players in France, Brazil is the most represented foreign country in French League. Three of them play at Olympique Lyonnais: Rafael, Marçal and central defender Marcelo. They are strong supporters of Jair Bolsonaro. They showed their joy after the election results on their Instagram accounts.

Fervor and Brazil election

Tottenham star Lucas Moura, who also played in France made his opinion clear in early September. The Brazilian forward was already a big supporter of Bolsonaro. When it came to the Brazil election, he had not hesitated to defend the politician on Twitter. He posted: “He does not promote violence, he promotes justice and the thugs are afraid of the police”. On Sunday Lucas expressed his joy after the results of the second round. “Let the beginning of a new era, and our country become a fair, honest and prosperous nation. Brazil is above everything, God is above everything.”

Retired from the field, some former stars of the Brazilian national team are now on the political scene. Football fan, Bolsonaro seduced local glories of all origins. Ronaldinho had publicly displayed his support for the candidate on October 6. During this Brazil election he was quoted saying: “For a better Brazil, I want peace, security and someone one that gives us joy back. I chose to live in Brazil and I want a better Brazil for everyone”. Kaka, Cafu and Taffarel, all three world champions with Brazil in 2002 are also supporters of Bolsonaro’s ideas.

Other Opinions

As it normally happens when it comes to politics, not everyone agrees with the Voters and the result of this Brazil election. He is labelled a Fascist, and the general media says he won as he is “the lesser evil”. Having said that, Social Media has also spoken and posted the images below before the election finished.

This all started with a movement called “Women against Bolsonaro”.


brazil election

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