Apple HomePod, Are you ready to live with a personal assistant?

The Apple HomePod faces serious competition. By launching his personal assistant, Apple has to face Google Home, Sonos One, LG’s ThinQ Speaker or Amazon’s Echo.

Apple HomePod price and competition. Let’s start by an example of a competitor of this Apple HomePod vs Alexa, the assistant created by Amazon.

Apple HomePod

Alexa is not about the babysitter’s name, but a little robot with a reassuring feminine voice. And it gives off a turquoise and azure green halo when Alexa listens to you. It is able to tell you in a couple of seconds the calculation of the circumference of a circle, to blindly win a game of chess or to recite the words of Metallica’s song “Nothing Else Matters”.

The personal assistant invented by Amazon has a mission to accurately answer all the questions you want to ask. Alexa is a clever mix between the good friend who listens to you and helps you and the hotel concierge who can facilitate many steps in your life.

What else can the Apple HomePod bring to your table? Moreover following the upcoming voice platforms. The projects concern the development of personal assistants created by Snips or Linto. Another initiative that guarantees the processing of information locally.

What proposes the Apple HomePod?

Basically, it’s a speaker, but not only. Featuring virtual surround sound, this 2.5-kilo speaker is connected to Apple Music. Moreover, the first three months are for free, giving you access to more than 45 million titles.

It gives you also access to Siri. The function that can help you in your daily tasks. Such as controlling a radio, opening shutters connected to this device, or the indication of the time needed to get to Milano as the other end from Paris by car (very useful of course…). Also with the program, you get global information regarding the score of the matches of the Football league 1, the consultation of the weather, or the results of the lottery.

For this, Apple HomePod relies on six microphones which listens to you when you say “Hey, Siri”. We can be sometimes surprised by its humor or the relevance of its answers. More surprising, its follow-up of the news. For example, the Apple HomePod knows the name of the President of whatever State or who won the last football World cup.

Apple HomePod, what else?

It has a screen. Tactile and based above the 18 cm tall speaker, allows you to adjust the volume. But, unlike Alexa, he does not display a photo. The Apple Homepod displays several colors and lights up when the AI thinks.

Apple HomePod

The most important: It guarantees your privacy. Apple confirms to do not record any conversations. The company sends requests to its servers only when the machine hears “Hey, Siri”. Once this formula has been heard, an anonymous identifier is assigned to the request which is then processed. Be careful though, if you do not set the Apple Homepod correctly, anyone at home can read your texts (Oupsss..!). It is, therefore, necessary to manage the “personal requests” tab. Then sending, and reading messages, is very fluid.

Verdict. A sound with a rise and a beautiful depth, but Apple can still make progress on artificial intelligence. Also, the Apple HomePod is more expensive than its competitors. 349 euros against 99 euros for the Amazon Echo and 140 euros for the Google Home. Finally, we look forward to the possibility of simultaneous translation that should happen in a future update. The Apple HomePod is the new thing from Apple´s innovations!

“While the combination of Apple and Siri makes the company a legitimate competitor in this fertile market, given its unmatched and loyal installed base, we believe it will be an uphill climb for Apple to unseat Amazon from its perch as a clear leader in this market,” Ives said at the time of the HomePod launch.

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