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Together we will embark on a journey to unlock the secrets of FX Education. So with no further due let’s get into our FX Education program.

Starting off we will build together our network of useful information. Every form of education in our case FX Education starts with the Basics. However, sometimes you need to watch other people run before you even begin to walk.

FX Education will be split into 3 main categories:

Basics of FX.

In Basics of  FX, We will focus more on terminology and understand how to use a trading platform. Also, with a platform comes a broker and not all brokers are honest financial institutions. However, we will explain how to check if the broker is legit or not just by looking at its platform. Basically, you will learn how to check spreads, commissions, swaps or rollovers for every asset class.

In that category, you will learn how to use basic tools such as Economic Calendar, what is it and how to use Leverage, what hours are the best to trade among many other things, etc.

Fundamental Analysis

Where we will learn how markets can be speculative during certain events. Fundamental analysis is one of the key factors in FX Education because you will notice price movement when such events are occurring.

Technical Analysis

Last but not least in our third category we will learn about Technical Analysis. So here we will understand how to read the past and present asset class and try to predict the future. No magic tricks here folks is just pure mathematics. In order to do that we will talk about all the useful indicators that will help us make the prediction.

Other Tools

FX Education can also come in many other forms such as webinars, video tutorials, eBooks, Signals etc. Become a member of Eagle Investors for free and get access to all our tools and services also, be the first to receive information. Will also take reference from other websites in term of charts and prediction.

We will like to WELCOME you all and we will wish you Happy Trading and Every Success!


FX Education