Bitcoin prices - Fundamental and Technical Analysis

Bitcoin prices, news, and analysis for 2018 and onward, approaching the end of Q4 on 13-month lows.

The Biggest Cryptocurrency Falls in the Last Quarter

Current market conditions are dreadful for the majority of cryptocurrencies with no visible sign of improvement. However, not all cryptocurrencies are affected, and some might surpass bitcoins dominance in 2019.

If the biggest cryptocurrency will revisit the highs of December 2018 remains to been seen. Investors and traders believe in gains of up to $10,000 from the start of Q3 of 2019.

Eaglesinvestors will post regular articles regarding Bitcoin prices including both fundamental and technical analysis. Bitcoin prices are currently fluctuating with a strong declining sentiment towards the end of quarter four of 2018. That said, the biggest cryptocurrency has increased its dominance by 2% in only two months from 53% to 55%.

Is that a good thing for Bitcoin prices?

From a technical point of view, it is fantastic. However, fundamental analysis plays a more prominent role when it comes down to Bitcoin analysis. We all have witnessed the downfall of many cryptocurrencies, and the reason behind it is mostly lousy press announcements and SEC ETF delays. Whatever is bound to happen, Eaglesinvestors will always be here to provide you with the best relevant information at the right time.

The biggest cryptocurrency is here to stay and no matter what happens it is impossible for Bitcoin prices to reach ZERO. So, what is happening with bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies? Looking a year back the same movement happen in the opposite direction and few lucky people made a fortune. However, from the investment side of view, this is a buying opportunity.

Finally bringing us to our conclusion regarding Bitcoin prices

Beginners and veterans will find the information on our website on of a kind. Also, by educating yourself using our tools and analysis will potentially grow your investment portfolio.

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