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Trading software is a bit of a pillar for all things trading. In fact, it is difficult not to talk about trading software when you trade. From time to time you may wonder: Is Stock trading software free? Some are very well regarded while others are pointed out for the lack of ergonomics. So, a quick question for you, our readers. In your opinion, what do you expect from a trading software? To be comfortable with and become an expert of the Markets.

Stock trading software free features

Stock trading software free, allows you to place an order, close an order, put stop loss and take profit levels, and a lot of other options depending on the software used (stop loss followers, take profits followers, OCO orders – One Cancel the Other, etc.). These many features make trading software a platform you can rely on. But it’s not just the features that make a choice. We must also be able to handle the software quite easily so that the order and the proposed features are not difficult to access any trader who wishes to engage in trading through software.

Stock trading software free components

trading software free

Ergonomics before anything is important for Stock trading software free. Making a choice is paramount. And for that, it is necessary that the trading software is ergonomic, that is to say, easy to use; an aspect that has become essential in the evolution of tools related to trading. Who says easy to use does not necessarily say quick grip. But the idea is that all the potential of the trading software is easily accessed by those who have already got their hands on it.

Stock trading software free functionalities

Does the order transfer consist of several options such as the placement of a stop, a take profit, a stop follower, a take profit follower, an order OCO, etc.? Are possible? Count them and see the features needed for your trading to be profitable. Some will only need normal stops and take profits, other strategies will require more complex orders. It’s up to you to take stock of what you really need and do not hesitate to compare the software between them to make your choice.

Stock trading software free and paid

Better free or paid software? If a lot of Stock trading software free is usual, some are paying, especially if it is to forward future flows (like Pro Real Time for example). See also if your software can link to your broker, as IG does with Pro Real Time and FXCM or XTB with MetaTrader4.

trading software free

Stock trading software free updates

Does the software publisher constantly update it, or is it software that is not intended to be updated? The idea is that the market evolves; the strategies evolve… and the logic is that the Stock trading software free also evolve.

Stock trading software free graphics

Are the graphics easily manipulated? What about the quality of graphics? Having a quality chart is imposed to see the best market opportunities available to you. The graph is the equivalent of the entire software: without a valid graph, we can not trade!

Particular attention will be paid to false candles or ghost candles (often seen on Marketscope 2.0 for example) that can distort a variety of trend-based technical indicators. A biased reading will give a biased trade, which is why I give a high point to the quality of the graphics.

The different kinds of Stock trading software free to download on the market

A. INTRA-SITE Stock trading software free
This concerns all the trading software that is inside the site. In fact, it’s a kind of web platform with multiple features. In this case, there is no need for download because the login and password are directly entered on the website which opens a page specifically dedicated to trading.

Be careful though, a “web” software is less secure than a full-fledged Stock trading software free (which must be downloaded).

B. Stock trading software free to download
They are numerous but only a handful of this software is really usable in terms of ergonomics and features. For security, the following are the best choice because you only go through the web browser when downloading. Among the most used software, we have:

MetaTrader 4 – Stock trading software free:

It is a multifunction software, which allows manual trading, just like the coding of automatic robots. MetaTrader4 uses the C ++ language for coding robots. From a point of view of stability, the PC version is very stable, and they have made great efforts on smartphones from an aesthetic and stability point of view (before 2015, when we left the platform, the application lost the markets the trader was not placed in. Having to set up a set-up each time the application was opened was painful, but since then the bug has been largely fixed.
MetaTrader 4

MetaTrader 5 – Stock trading software free:

This is the newest version of MetaTrader software. Unfortunately, MT5 didn’t  meet the same success as MT4. Especially because the coding of robots and trading algorithms are in a language other than C ++. Therefore it is simply time consuming to relearn something that you can achieve very easy on an older version. Mt5 does not allow hedging and is rather focused on marketing in the US – which prohibits the practice of hedging – besides, brokers who are on MetaTrader5 do not often offer leverage above 50 to meet the US and Japanese regulations.
MetaTrader 5

trading software free

FXCM Marketscope 2.0 – Stock trading software free:

This is a very good platform in terms of execution and stability. No recurring bugs or execution issues by placing orders with FXCM Marketscope 2.0 software. The various features, including the addition of a stop follower, makes this platform is pretty well adulated by all those who take seriously the risk management in their trading. The only complaint to this platform is that you can not work on its graphics on Saturday (because FXCM prevents any connection that day) and the gaps are represented by huge candles instead of a quotation hole.
Trading Station FXCM

Pro Real Time – Stock trading software free:

It’s a bit of the Rolls Royce of trading for the particular. Only downside, the software is not free and for that there are two methods of payment: either you pay a certain amount per month, especially depending on the markets for which you want to have the flow in real time, or your broker has a partnership with PRT and you impose a number of round trips a month in exchange for which he will not charge you access to the platform. Graphically, it’s simply beautiful: pure graphics, multiple technical indicators, excellent ergonomics, a more simplified robot coding … what more can we say, except that the execution is not always on top during periods of volatility and that the platform itself is heavy.
Pro Real Time

TWS (Interactive Brokers) – Stock trading software free:

The platform is equipped with a lot of technical indicators and tools. They can analyze the market like no other trading software would do. This is a big plus, especially since this platform is free. Be careful, some of the content is paid, such as receiving economic news for $ 25 per month. The only big weak point is the ergonomics of the platform: too much functionality for so little ergonomics makes TWS a difficult platform to use. Especially since we can not rely on their customer service because strongly unavailable and only in English, which can put off many French speakers.

AT Charts (Infinity futures) – Stock trading software:

trading software free

This is a pay platform at the base. Indeed because it requires a number of round trips defined by the broker Infinity Futures. On the other hand, access to Sierra Chart is included in this number of round trips, as well as order books for assets listed on the CME, Eurex, Comex, Nymex, etc. Only downside, if you trade cac40, it will not be available because no partnership with Euronext Paris. The notebooks are very well made and the platform is very easy to access. Side features, automatic stop loss and take profit orders to a number of ticks work wonderfully on the order books. Attention, we do not see the balance of his account nor the margin used on the software. For this, you must calculate it yourself and check your email because the balance is updated every day by e-mail.
Infinity Futures

Apex Futures – Stock trading software free:

It’s a platform with the same features and ergonomics as AT Charts. However, this trading software does not offer access to Sierra Chart, which is the equivalent of PRT for futures. Graphically, there is a lot of choice of graphic representations, but Renko and Kagi are missing.


There are to many Stock trading software free. And we can not list all of them here, however you will understand very well that they all have their qualities and faults. Stock trading software free must be perfectly adapted to your trading style. And you must test them before you start a real account. Moreover, avoid the inconvenience of a platform not suited to your trading. Time is money, but once used well, this time represents savings in money, especially in trading! And you will become an expert of the Markets.

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