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Affiliate Conferences

With New Technologies, dreams and how our work environment is changing, different job paths are expanding. Being your own boss is the new black, and people are making sure it is a trend that sticks. Affiliate conferences are there to help you make money online.

Have you ever attended any affiliate conferences? Or are you asking yourself if it’s a good opportunity to go there? We will see here the different aspects of this kind of event.

Whats is your profile?

Faced with the multiplicity of factors, new technologies and business models, it is not always easy for an affiliate marketer to navigate and develop a digital marketing acquisition campaign plan alone in his corner. Making money online is not easy, and plenty of times it means getting OUT of the internet to make money.

Especially that, once the strategy is defined, all the efficiency of this factory leads to the proper orchestration of the levers and in their dialogue to achieve the goal, making money. Whether it is for e-commerce stores, your own line of clothes design, translation services or any other Internet-Friendly dream. You need to know about Affiliation, attend some Affiliate Conferences and learn how to dominate your territory and make money online.

Affiliate Conferences and Topics.

In order to have an overview and perfect its network and knowledge, there are numerous Affiliate Conferences that exist around the world. General Affiliate Conferences such as Affiliate Summit will help you get a very broad idea of what online marketing is. The last one took place last July in Barcelona, ​​Spain. The Affiliate Summit is a very broad-subject conference, in which eminences from Online Marketing attend, and discuss the latest topics and market advances.

Moreover, there are Affiliate Conferences focused on particular topics. IGB conferences on Gambling for example. Which deal with Forex, Cryptos, CFDs and Gambling. The last IGB event took place in Amsterdam. The next one will be in Lisbon, in October. We will make a list of upcoming conferences and their theme in a next article so that you can judge what opportunity to attend. But first you need to come up with your own idea, how do YOU want to make money online?

Affiliate conference make money online

Affiliate Conferences and Knowledge

Regardless of your specific profession in the online world, Affiliate conferences are very useful. Rather, you can learn about promoting an innovative service, launching a new website, increasing the number of email prospects, how to attract visitors… Driving a multi-level acquisition strategy can address several business issues. These Affiliate Conferences aim to bring all of these seemingly separate subjects into a coherent and relevant bundle that will help you make money online. It strives to give value to the marketing keys. To do this, Affiliate conferences provide an opportunity to accumulate essential suggestions and knowledge given by the market leaders.

Besides that, if you believe this is not for you, as “I am just starting my website now”, “I do not intend to have billions in sales”, “I just don’t have the money for this” DO NOT worry. This Affiliate conferences will help you gather enough information so that you can deploy fine audience strategies while controlling the allocated media budget. Sounds fancy, but what it really means is: You can increase the audience in your website BY SPENDING LITTLE MONEY.


Go and listen to the specific suggestions given in these Affiliate Conferences of the digital ecosystem by the different speakers that compose it. You will be able to build a unique expertise in the recommendation and management of cross-lever acquisition strategies for your customers. In Affiliate conferences, you will certainly find solutions to your problems and you will learn how to make money.

  1. It will teach you how to intervene on the project management part.
  2. Be sure to insert the necessary digital devices into the built world of your project.
  3. How and which software to implement in your business.
  4. Work with business teams and learn how to include and use other topic-areas (data – CRM – loyalty…) at the heart of the project dynamics remain one of your priorities.
  5. It will help you create long term interesting business relations with peers with the same goal, making money online.

The Improvement for your work

Affiliate Conferences can help you find solutions on different topics and on different levels. Whether talking with partners, comparing your ideas with competitors, or attending general discussions. Most people really do not give NETWORKING the importance that they should. Regardless of whether you are starting or are a professional in the matter, you can learn from your peers, GO AND MINGLE. You will talk to experts, novices, and as always, one can learn to make money from both.

affiliate conferences

Above all, you will be able to have an overview and be effective on the crucial points that make an affiliate marketer the king of their own world:

  • General advice
  • Analysis of sources of remuneration and quick ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Identification of needs / resources
  • Help with the choice of partners
  • Strategic recommendations and turn-key media plans
  • Project management
  • Implementation of marketing tools
  • Optimal management of a marketing campaign
  • Running campaigns on behalf of the advertiser or your own company
  • Interactive procedures
  • Data Driven processes
  • Processing, structuring and segmentation of the data
  • Orientation of the marketing use of the data
  • Measure of development and return of experiences

Fun, Work and.. Network

Beyond the advice and news you will encounter in affiliate conferences, you will expand your professional relationships. The creation and nurturing of professional relationships and the growth of your network through affiliate conferences, will be a real benefit to you.

Furthermore, do not forget the fun that you can encounter in these affiliate conferences. Because you will have the chance to relax and make even better connections, once the event is over. They say, the best deals are closed in the after-dinner events and parties.

Above all, events on the side-lines of the Affiliate Conference itself. The fun, the after-conference parties, …the free drinks and sometimes the ones you will certainly share in charming company 😉

Finally, at your schedules! And plan the next affiliate conferences right now. Affiliate Conferences are definitely the place to learn how to make money.

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  1. Michael Lawrence says:


    If I was to recommend any affiliate conference for beginners I would try to avoid the very subject-specific ones.

    The ones for Forex are for example a bit too focus oriented and even though these are very interesting, other Affiliate conferences such as the Summit are very much appealing to someone who just started in the market!

    Funny enough I met my business partner in a conference three years ago!

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