Cryptocurrency is a term frequently used all over the world, and people talk about buying, selling, or investing in cryptocurrencies. The number of cryptocurrency miners, traders, and even brokers are increasing day by day. So, in this situation, everybody needs to know what is this all about and what cryptocurrency is, precisely?

    Before diving into the topic, let me clarify first, what is cryptocurrency?

    Well, cryptocurrency is digital money in more simplest words, which is used to purchase goods and services.  On the other hand, unlike conventional money, a significant difference exists. And most of the currencies don't have fixed values. It makes them an asset for investment because cryptocurrencies tend to buy at low prices. And when the rates increase, they sold out. A cryptocurrency more apparently seen as a combination of two words: Crypto + Currency. This currency uses secure encryption (cryptography), and all transactions are verified on a public ledger system which is called ‘Blockchain.’ what crytocurrency to mine and why Cryptocurrency in the 21st century introduced as a new way of virtual currency. It also recognized as digital money intended to protect and unidentified. Cryptocurrency uses the techniques of cryptography. Basically, cryptography has the ability to convert readable information into an untraceable code to purchase and make a transfer. You can utilize this technique when you need to secure some information and communications while having transactions or money trading online. With cryptocurrency, you can have easy payments, and you don’t have to go to banks for secure transactions. With an initiative of Bitcoin, the popularity of cryptocurrency increased. Bitcoin introduced in the market, in 2009. With more than 900 keenly operating cryptocurrencies, mining processes emerged that are used to verify the transactions. Blockchain discharge new Bitcoins and mining done with suitable hardware and internet approach. The blockchain has a well-known technology and mostly used to support all kinds of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies use peer to peer network, and each peer records the history of all transactions, as it uses ‘blockchain.’ Besides, it also holds a balance of every account.

    What is Cryptocurrency Mining?

    Precisely, crypto mining known as a process in which transactions holding different cryptocurrencies become confirmed and integrated to the blockchain. Every time you make a transaction, a crypto miner tends to check the precision of date and updates the blockchain with it. For issuing new mining blocks, no single banking organization or specific central authority exists. Network nodes used to carry through the way. Blockchain added each veer of transactions collected into the block. A few cryptocurrencies tend to award to the person of a miner who attaches the blocks. what crytocurrency to mine and why A crypto miner always needs to use the most advanced and powerful technology computers to beat the competition. Besides, particular hardware is also required which is specially made for the mining process. You cannot do mining with your regular computers as they don’t support, even if you have 3 SLI Nvidia graphics card. Other than technology, miners need to consider the increasing cost to operate these machines through 24x7.

    What Sort of Tools Do You need for Mining Cryptocurrency?

    Well, as you know that your standard computer does not support the mining procedure, so you need to have some special kind of tools.
    • You require a high-end customized computer for mining.
    • A graphics-processing unit required, which can do a bulk of accounting work and mining.
    • You need special software for cryptocurrency mining.
    • You need supportable high-speed Internet connectivity along with at least 2Mbps or more.
    • A membership requires for exchanging your currency and trade crypto coins for money.

    What You Will Require to Mine Cryptocoins

    You may need the following things for mining Litecoins, Dogecoins, and Feathercoins.
    1. A coin wallet that has a free private database and a container protected with a password. It helps in saving your earnings and keeps a full network ledger of transactions.
    2. You also need to have a free mining software package, which is usually made up of cgminer and stratum.
    3. You need a membership in an online mining pool that known as a community of miners. They tend to join their computers to boost productivity and income permanence.
    4. A Membership at an online currency exchange tends to require. It can help you in exchanging your essential coins for conservative cash.
    5. Well, a consistent and reliable internet connection required throughout. The connection must have two megabits per second or more than that.
    6. A setup location for hardware in your underground store or some other cold and air-conditioned space also needed.
    7. A customized computer or desktop designed for mining. Your regular computer is not capable of working while the miner is running. You can use your computer to start, but a custom built machine is suggested. No laptop, handheld device or gaming console can work ideally, because these devices are not productive enough.
    8. A specialized processing device (ASIC chip) or an ATI Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) is also required. It can range from $90 to $3000 for each GPU or ASIC chip. Both of them will provide accounting services and mining work rapidly.
    9. To blow cool air all around your mining computer, a house fan is mandatory. Mining produces substantial heat and to cool down the hardware it is critical but necessary.

    Requirement Explanations

    To begin with, you may find it easy, whereas it is an expensive endeavor. You ought to invest a lot to make a countable turnover. You must have a proper place to cool miners when you are running various machines. Miners usually fling heaps of heat, which cannot cool down quickly.

    What Cryptocurrency to Mine and Why

    Though Bitcoin is a popular digital currency, yet it is difficult to mine. With advanced hardware, you can dig hard to mine Bitcoin. Around 5.5 quintillion hashes per second are required for processing Bitcoin network. So, in that case, you need tools that are competent enough to perform a more significant number of calculations within boundaries of a short time. The miners use more electricity as compared to 159 countries. Undoubtedly, it is a tremendous amount of power consumption. According to a report, annually it uses around 29.05 Terawatt hours, which is equivalent to 0.13% of global electricity consumption. According to another report, if customized hardware used for less consumption of electricity, miners would have benefit in terms of lowering down their efforts and expenses. No doubt, plenty of users are producing virtual coins with significant investment in their hardware or PCs. Yet, some alternatives are also there. The Pentium 4 processor was used effectively for mining Bitcoin, in 2010. Handling technical tools, equipment, and a mining farm is a bit hard. Let’s have a look at the alternatives of mining.


    You can manage sophisticated computations with laptops as well as you can use them to achieve some altcoins. A suitable processor CPU even works.


    You can lead crypto mining with a Smartphone. To use a Smartphone for the adoption of cryptocurrency, ETN currency designed mainly.

    Mining ASIC ChipWhat Cryptocurrency to Mine and Why

    Mining ASIC Chip known as a Graphics Processor Unit, used for mining. Although it is expensive, that can cost you from $100 to $3,000, still, a better alternative as compared to other methods.

    Cloud Mining

    A procedure requires the smallest amount of equipment in a data center and correspondingly can have crypto as well. This method is perfect for those who don’t want to spend a lot on their technical facilities for mining. As you know that some PCs are not compatible with enduring the mining process, so you have to opt for alternatives to connect with other internet users. You must join the mining pool that gives you access to mining and boding with people for better processing. Until now, you have gained lots of information about cryptocurrency, and it’s mining. Now, let’s move on to know what cryptocurrency to mine and why?

    What Cryptocurrency to Mine and Why

    In 2009, mining proved excellent production, where a vast crowd of users produced considerable dollars by now. However, there are the ones who had lost, as well. According to experts, it is not a sensible decision to mine Bitcoin, because it needs a lot of processing power from the miner. You already know just as we have discussed it earlier. Bitcoin comprises of massive investments and preservation expenditure. However, plenty of altcoins are available that you can use with your handheld devices. You need to consider some guidelines while mining at home. If you had been mining Bitcoin since 2009, you most probably have earned thousands of dollars until now. Similarly, plenty of ways are there, through which you can lose your money. For beginners, Bitcoin mining is not a helpful option because they work on a tiny scale. Bitcoin mining is set aside for the larger scale operations. On the other hand, Litecoins, Feathercoins, and Dogecoins are Scrypt based cryptocurrencies, which are the best cost effective beginners. Feathercoins and Dogecoins would give way a little less profit with the same mining hardware. However, they are becoming more prominent these days. Other than these, Peercoins, as well, can practically upright return on your investment of time and efforts.

    What Cryptocurrency to Mine with CPU

    You need to install special software on your PC or laptop to use these coins. what cryptocurrency to mine and why

    DigitalCash (DASH)

    DASH is an open source currency that allows you to experience fast transactions. It is indeed, private, secure, and perfect for having real purchases. You will also have an option to avail secrecy with decentralized master code network, which is not viable to trace transactions. It has gained an unexpectedly huge amount of fan following, recently.

    Steem (STEEM)

    Steem is a blockchain platform that makes you able to earn with rewards and votes. Instead of using the typical method of mining, users can get virtual currency differently.

    Litecoin (LTC)

    It considered as peer-to-peer currency that makes you able to have fast payments all over the globe at no charge. It includes better options like enhanced storage competence, faster affirmation rates, and well-grounded support. Litecoin, as well as Tenebrix, uses Scrypt function. People who want to invest in promising reliable and valuable coins return can use Litecoin.

    Bytecoin (BCN)

    A method of Crypto Note protocol is included that makes you to have transactions in secret. A software called Xmrig, which is available for both CPU and GPU, can be used for this purpose.

    What Cryptocurrency to Mine and Why with GPU in 2019

    Other than typical PCs, you also can mine with several different altcoins on GPU.

    Monero (XMR)

    In 2107, it seems like one of the best cryptocurrency to mine, just because of its expanding growth. For the most well-established coins, this appealing cryptocurrency has an option to perform a secret transaction. AMD graphic cards NVIDIA graphic cards are more compatible with it. On your PC, GUIminer, and Multiminer with facilitate mining.

    Ethereum (ETH)

    Ethereum emerged as one of the biggest capitalized cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. Both CPU and GPU are compatible with mining it. The feature of smart contracts makes it more valuable. You will also get reasonable safety along with swift transactions. It is on record that the price of Ethereum increased by 200 times and still growing from time to time. A mining process, Ethminer, is the most efficient and handy for GPU solutions.

    Electroneum (ETN)

    With the method of CryptoNote algorithm, it introduced in 2017. In 2018, it progressively gained popularity for the most promising coins. It is compatible with almost every device. If you are an Nvidia GPU user, then you have to install XMR-STAK 2.2. Miner.

    Vertcoin (VTC)

    Vertcoin is a new altcoin and rapidly growing day by day with many users. To verify the transactions, it uses a proof of work algorithm. It has a graphical user interface that makes you able to mine for GPU and CPU uses. Vertcoin miner supports AMD and Nvidia graphics cards. To cool down your PC during the process of mining, you ought to add extra fans. what cryptocurrency to mine and why

    Final Thoughts

    With all the in-depth explanations, you must now have cleared what cryptocurrency to mine and why. With proper software and hardware, you can do mining effectively. Following guidelines is a must, and you must keep yourself on track while performing your tasks for safe investment. If you are planning to do mining with more than one graphics card, you need additional fans. Many tech-savvy users have now been welcomed in the world of cryptocurrency. You need appropriate knowledge and effort to earn cash conveniently. Before you invest in the best cryptocurrency, it is suggested to go through everything you need to know about cryptocurrency that you want to invest in. However, if it is about profit and loss, then that is the part of every business investment. Research, decide and implement with your investments safely.

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