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WARNING!!! This is NOT an April’s fool’s investment joke like the ones we witnessed in respects to SEC and Bitcoin ETF.
That said let’s skip over the boring technical stuff about what Syndicate (SYNX) is and get straight to talking numbers. However, if you’re one of the readers that want to understand more about SYNX technology click HERE for more info.

Syndicate (SYNX) Performance

Starting its launch in 2016, SYNX started small like many other altcoins and gained momentum similarly to the whole crypto market. From a $1000 to $12 million in daily traded volume is quite an achievement.
The thing that made us curious about Syndicate (SYNX) was the position on coinmarketcap at 14th with the highest traded volume seen in March.

Syndicate (SYNX)

Chart from coinmarketcap.

Well done Syndicate (SYNX)! But hold on, allow me to elaborate on why you should care.
If we can go back in time and buy Syndicate (SYNX) at their launch at the price of $0,005; today, we would have made $0,03 for every coin. (without counting the maximum at $1,32). So, that would be a 500% gain in only 3 years.

To late Invest in Syndicate (SYNX)?

The answer will not surprise anyone at this point, and I mean anyone that is a crypto savvy. Still seems like a solid choice with the lowest price at $0,01 back on Feb 16 this year.
We are currently sitting at $0,03 and by the way, the whole crypto market is going we could see a 100% gain in the next few months.

FUN FACT: Nowadays a stable coin like Syndicate (SYNX) doesn’t need to be overpriced in order to be popular. Instead, more people trading it will make it much more popular and guess what’s coming with popularity: FAME and ACKNOWLEDGMENT.

Technical Analysis for Syndicate (SYNX)

Judging by he coins stability we can clearly see an uptrend soon only if we break the resistance at $0,035(the highest this year).
That said, if we focus on technical indicators, both Stochastic and RSI points to a saturated market, while MACD and Bollinger Bands and an increase in trading volume.

Syndicate (SYNX)Chart from Tradingview.

Today we already have 8,28% increase with a market cap of $1 million and 24h traded volume of $28,431 (5,65 BTC).
Let’s try and build a strategy that can potentially work on our favour but for it to work we need all-hands-on-deck.

Judging by its performance Syndicate (SYNX) altcoin is a stable coin suitable for investment. Well, only a couple of days of good trading volume will not make out for the huge losses some of you suffered. And FOMO-ing again in altcoins can only make thing worse and encourage pump and dump schemes.

Syndicate (SYNX) not an ICO

The statement was given by their officials on Medium and I quote:

“Since most of you already know, Syndicate was not an ICO, it’s a community driven project and all the proposals from above require significant funds to be pursued. After many talks with our team and a few community members, we concluded that the best way to fund our vision and the expanding team is to setup MN’s, and for the rest, we’ll use the remaining funds (partnerships/exchange listings…).”
A very interesting and bold statement given the current crypto market condition but how else can they get decent funding. Partnerships are discussed with the likes of IBM and Hyper Ledger since May 2018. However, no further updates or statements were given.
So, for a simple fundamental analysis, no major announcements and Syndicate (SYNX) is gaining traction.

There you have it, folks!

The technical and fundamental analysis points to a great 2019 for Syndicate (SYNX). And if you’re a crypto enthusiast probably made a move on the altcoin five days ago.

If you’re new to the subject, please check our reviews in respects to blockchain and many other altcoins. Also, if you want to ask if it’s a good idea to invest in Syndicate; as a newcomer please do some more research about the altcoins.
We do not encourage our audience to take our word for it because we want you to get educated before anything.

The reality is that no one holds a crystal ball to entail the future and we have to use common sense. Especially when we involve money for investments.

I hope you’ve learned something today with respect to Syndicate (SYNX). 

Like always I wish you Happy Trading and Every Success!

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