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To make it easier for you to make a decision about which broker to choose we decided to do an EverFx review. EverFx is an international online trading broker, and it is operating successfully around the globe. This broker has a partnership with one of the greatest Spanish Football Clubs! Sevilla FC decided to partner up with Everfx, which has brought you promotion that you would not be getting any other way!

In this EverFx review, we are going to go through everything that the broker can offer for you, and then you can decide on if EverFx is the right broker for you. To not keep you waiting, let’s start the EverFx review.

Regulations and Security

We’re going to do an EverFx review in order to make it easier for you to take a righteous decision. EverFx brokerage house operates under two licenses, European and Global with details regarding regulatory bodies below:

EverFx Global is a trade name of ICC Intercertus Capital (Cayman) Limited. Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) regulates ICC Intercertus Capital (Cayman) with license no. 1444866 and authorised and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) with licensed number 301/16 and registration number HE 346662.

The difference between both is a leverage upgrade and more tradeable instruments, after the implementation of MIFID2. Trading with high leverage can result in considerable losses, and it may not be appropriate for every trader.

Now before moving to the details of this EverFx review, let’s discuss something essential that will make you think.

EverFx Review

Global Brand Awards gave EverFx the title of ‘Fastest Growing CFD Broker and Best New Multi-asset Broker’ in 2018.

While some of you might have experience with brokers in the past, it is evident that those achievements are not easy to come by. Going over reviews and scam sites, we noticed some complaints. Nothing out of the ordinary, every well-known broker has good and bad reviews. Any industry or service provider has complaints but not because they are wrong but rather, because you can’t satisfy everyone. Especially when money is involved and its human nature to blame whoever if they lose money.

How do Brokers Get Hold of Your Details and What to Do?

Before explaining the services, I want to clear the mist covering some topics about brokers than many reviews do not really talk about. People are looking for websites that claim to identify fraud and scam brokers, taking advantage of naïve users but, how do brokers get hold of your details? And, should I pick up the phone when brokers call me? This is the question that we need an answer to.

When registering for financial news or claiming “free” bitcoins, free trading signals and many other social media related products, there are terms and conditions that you always accept without reading (at the end of the day, you need a platform to make use of those many products the websites make available to you). This does not go against any rule, as long as they let you know this might happen.

everfx review

But why are we all so afraid of brokers calling us and should we pick up the phone to EverFX?

Would You Pick Up Phone to EverFx?

You give up your information by ticking terms and conditions without reading it. Times are gone when ANYBODY could call us, now it is not as easy as it is heavily regulated, only affiliates of regulated companies are allowed to give you a call. Most brokers will respect your decision when you stipulate WHEN AND WHY to call you. Regulated brokers are not allowed to lie to you, to guarantee profits or success, they can´t give you financial advice unless regulated to do so and neither can they ask for personal money transfers.

So to the question, should I pick up the phone? We say, YES. All of the brokers are very much similar nowadays when it comes to spread, products, etc, but something they normally differ in huge measures is customer support.

One way to analyse the costumer support of regulated brokers and in this case, of EverFX, is by picking up the phone and putting them up to the test.

  • Is EverFX helpful?
  • Do they answer to newbie questions?
  • Do they explain to you how MT4 works?
  • Ask them how to withdraw funds, and what exactly you need to do so!

Have in mind that almost anything can be bought with money, but when one is ONLY interested in money, customer support is not something they invest in. In the same manner scam brokers are paying the so-called “anti-fraud or anti-scam” websites to take down bad reviews about them, some regulated and legit brokers, who conduct their activity legally, are hit with bad reviews. Always have a personal opinion, try and see for yourself.

Educate yourself before trusting such websites, and it can’t be said that all of them are the same.

Everfx Review

Deposits and Withdrawals

Nowadays reviewing that a broker has bad Withdrawal procedures is very tricky. Many are indeed a scam, but there are some others that have very specific procedures in place. For example, if any of your documents are out of date, you will not be able to withdraw, logical, right? If you are trying to withdraw part of a bonus, your withdrawal will not be processed, as your amount is wrong, does it makes sense? We think so! You also cannot withdraw profits to a credit card, anti-money laundering procedures, I know, bureaucracy, but it is what it is!

First, read carefully what requirements are in place before submitting a withdraw. Usually, for AML (anti-money laundering) brokers require additional documents. Provide your broker with the necessary documentation, and you will be able to withdraw your funds. Money withdraws delays are usually because of Geo-position or banks.

everfx review

Also Time zone, public holidays will very often shift from a 24h withdraw to 72h of weekends. Make sure you are aware of these terms, and you will have no misunderstandings. We have personally dealt with clients in the past who had such issues. Explaining them every point of how withdrawals work, saved both parties precious time and cleared any misunderstandings. Is EverFx the BEST broker? We can’t say that it is, but most certainly this broker is WELL ABOVE AVERAGE.

Let’s move on to the EverFx review and see what services and features the broker is offering to its customers who might have experience in trading or not.

What Does EverFx Offer? Services and Features

In this EverFx review, you will get to know that this trading broker offers three accounts types, starting from the most popular; Premium, Standard and VIP. All are providing competitive spreads. All instruments are commission-free except for CFDs on shares which are subject to low commissions.

Stopout levels are different depending on which account you’re using. Stopout is 20% for standard accounts, 30% for premium and 60% for VIP.

EverFx offers both demo and live trading accounts. Opening an account with EverFx means accessing excellent trading conditions, diversity of instruments, necessary support, and more benefits.

  1. Social Trading with ZuluTrade as their partner
  2. AuthoChartist for analysis, signals and market research
  3. Trading Courses
  4. Sponsors of Sevilla FC

How EverFx Protects Its Customers Data and Details?

EverFx is registered with Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF) with their registration number being: HE346662. EverFX is also a member of the Investor Compensation Scheme which helps it protect approximately $22.5k of its customers’ funds if there is a loss due to fraud or the broker isn’t able to pay the debts; broker insolvency.

They also keep the customers’ funds in an enhanced security environment and segregated tier 1 European bank accounts for further protection.

EverFx Review of its Trading Platform

EverFx features the top-notch trading platform that is known as MT4 or Meta Trader 4. And traders widely use it for Trading Options and Technical Analysis. It is not just the all-time best Trading platform for Desktop but also one of the few best WebTraders platforms.

This platform has everything you need, no matter whether you are an experienced trader or not, EverFx does everything to accommodate its customers with the best platform.

everfx review

You can download MT4 directly from the EverFx website for free, and you can only use it on the device that you are downloading it on.

MT4 has lots of built-in features for analysis and trading to make it easier for you to understand what is going on. It also has fast execution timings for customers to avoid frustration.

EverFX Mobile Trading Platform

EverFX offers to its traders an amazing mobile trading experience since their traders have access to mobile trading apps for both of their smartphones and tablets. The MT4 mobile trading app is available to download for free, and it is available on both the Apple Store and Google Play.

The design of the mobile trading app is unique, and the app is very easy to use. So EverFx traders can manage their portfolios and place trades while on the go with ease.

EverFx Offers Educational Tools

Google Play and the Apple Store have three separate applications for EverFx clients. Although EverFx can’t provide trading signals, EverFx allows third-party signal providers.EverFx review

Many might argue that “Trading signals are not the right tool to enhance your potential profits”, but surveys showed a 54% win to 46% loss when using trading signals (of course, many do not use them appropriately). We, from Eaglesinvestors, invite you to check out our guide to Trading Signals so that you can also learn all of the different kinds of FX Signals and how to use them.

EverFx Review of its Spreads, Leverage, Swaps, and Instruments

EverFx strives to keep its clientele happy by providing higher leverage and better spreads. Here’s where double regulation comes in play, 1:30 for Europe and up to 1:500 on Global. For a better comparison below, we have the two separate plans.


Probably you’re looking at the VIP account, and wondering what it all means. When you open a trade, you usually expect spreads from ZERO, which may not be the case every time. Since spread markup is from ZERO, EverFx is charging $4 per rounded lot, which means $2 when opening a position and $2 when closing regardless of profiting or losing from the trade.

EverFx Promotions

This EverFx review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning their unique promotions. This broker has one of the most exciting promotions in the industry. Thanks to its partnership with FC Sevilla, they are able to offer some fantastic promotions.

Everfx review

This FX promotion will especially be exciting for you if you are a football fan. However, that is not the only promotion that EverFx is offering!

At this moment they are offering Seville FC playing kit and also tickets to a match! So if you want to find out more about how to be one of the winners, you can take a look at our promotions page.


The overall conclusion to this EverFx review is that trading with EverFx can be the best choice in terms of leverage and multi-asset brokerage house. EverFx provides its clients with a fast withdraw system for debit/credit cards with an average waiting time up to 24h.

It has a significant focus towards educating its clients, which makes it easier for clients to trade in a more natural way and keep eyes open for analysis and market ups and downs. Plus, the trading options are fantastic, and people find their overall performance and services satisfying.

So, from our side of this EverFx review, we must say that it is a good trading broker. Even if you’re a novice or an experienced trader, this broker is fit for you. I hope it won’t disappoint you. Also, before you start trading you must have a strategy prepared; if you don’t, we have one made for you too see called the ”One-Two strategy”.

The EverFx review ranks with ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ because of its instant market execution, multi-asset broker and CFD as crypto.

5/5 (4 Reviews)


  1. Overall, quite a good brokerage due to low spreads and stable platform. No restrictions on any strategies and robots.

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