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This advanced technology platform and great idea Launched in 2006, eToro is a high-end product among the online trading market eToro Reiew

Such a platform had never been seen before. eToro´s mix between Social Media and Trading came to life thanks to Yoni Assia, Ronen Assi, and David Ring.

Twelve years later, there are already more than 4.5 million traders over 170 countries worldwide. Etoro, among a pioneer in this Financial World, is also considered a safe broker, attested by many stock market regulators.

eToro Global overview

With eToro, Traders all over the world can enjoy a platform where stocks, currencies, indices, and commodities in the form of CFDs are available. But not only that! Such a platform also offers cryptocurrencies. You might say, you can find that anywhere nowadays, but this Broker also offers what is nowadays called “social trading” in which eToro is the undisputed leader.

Besides the regular products such as currencies, commodities, indices, and equities (CFDs), eToro allows investors to connect directly to millions other traders in more than 170 countries. What does that mean “connect traders”?

Traders can open their account and set it up set up automatically to copy popular Investors trades. You can do your research, compare results over X period of time, see what strategy or personality you like best, and not only follow them but COPY their trades. This could basically be an add-on to the more know EA (Expert Advisor), which trades for you, but after all… It is a machine. If you trust people more than machines… Here you will find your perfect platform.

You can also participate and ask questions, initiate discussions and share strategies on online forums. In exchange, popular Investors with copiers receive monthly payments in addition to their trading income. They can even earn a percentage of assets under management! Which means, they want YOU to win.

eToro Review

eToro on Mobile

eToro invested heavily in time and resources to create a high profile platform for new-style trading.  The company tried to create a highly intuitive trading floor, the platform is compatible on all mobile devices and works perfectly on smaller screens, from iPhones to tablets, to computers, to 5 screen trading desks, you will find yourself comfortable using their technology.

The free app is available on both Android and iOS (Samsungs and Apples for those less knowledgeable) and you can download this gem on all mobile phones and tablets. Moreover, the level of security is similar to that of a bank. You can make deposits and withdrawals with total security, and trade anywhere in the world, as long as you, of course, have internet.

Social Trading eToro Reiew

As we saw, the greatest asset of eToro is its “social trading” feature. The broker has a specific platform CopyTraders, which brings together all the traders of the platform, creating a trading society. The members can go back to their platform any time, in case they want to check up on their positions open (those opened by the other traders they want to follow) and the health of their amount invested. Then they can choose to “copy” the ones that seem the most profitable.

You have to consider this as a reference or an example to follow. The principle is not enough to blindly copy a professional trader but more especially to understand the choice of his decisions and his trading strategy. eToro promotes, not only trading but also learning. One should ALWAYS understand why a position is being opened. So that, one day, YOU will be able to share YOUR OWN trades!

Exchanging knowledge, experiences, and fun between traders of the same broker brings a real plus. So for the beginners, eToro’s social trading is a good way to rub the stock markets with the desire to progress.

eToro Review

eToro and features

However, there is no obligation to follow the traders. You can also choose the assets by yourself and elaborate your own strategy. The company also offers several analysis tools for the users of its trading platform. Easily to understand, didactics, the tools proposed to allow you to progress in the universe of the trading and perform gradually, as you grow, at your own pace.

Thanks to the Live webinars, e-Courses or even trading Videos, you will have access to numerous information and useful tips. eToro makes it possible to make you comfortable, bringing all the information you might need, even information that will directly help you stay informed of the overall economic situation. Tools such as the economic calendar, the earnings reports, and the daily market review are available to you in their platform.

eToro Regulations, its security and also 100% respectability

eToro’s Trading Platform and Broker is regulated in Europe by the by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). And it also retains a “cross-border license” from the same regulatory body, the FCA, to offer its services to members of the European Economic Area.

That is not the only European Regulation that eToro holds, but the platform is also regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). And, as above, it retains a cross-border license from CySEC, so they are also allowed by this regulation to offer its services to member states of the EEA, and outside of it.

eToro is also present in the USA. It is operated by eToro USA LLC. It is legally registered with the FinCEN as what it is called, a Money Services Business.

Last but not least, the company operates also on the other side of the globe, in Australia by eToro AUS Capital Australia Pty Ltd. Down Under eToro is authorized by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission ( which is called ASIC for short).

Such a regulated company will keep your interest (and your funds) safe. Feel free to try out their great technology and open the doors to a new income, knowledge, traders and maybe even colleagues and new friends.

eToro Review

Do NOT hesitate and open an account with this great platform, eToro HERE. Let us know after your experience. Many websites only want to hear about bad experiences, we urge you to also share your GOOD experiences.

Did you have fun?

Did you learn anything?

Do not keep it all to yourself! Sharing is caring, and your experiences might help someone!

eToro Reiew

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  1. I use the etoro platform since 2 years now. It’s the perfect broker for social trading. And the customer service is pretty awesome. One of the top indeed.

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