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Are you eager to find the best forex bonus that can help you to increase your equity with as little risk as possible potentially? To do this, you need to have a good understanding of the best forex bonus benefits as well as risks; the good news is, you are currently reading the right article. Today’s article is carefully structured to help you grasp the basic concepts of forex bonuses; so that you can be well equipped to choose the best forex bonus for your specific investment needs.

What is a Forex Bonus?

A forex bonus is simply a promotion so to speak, offered to you by brokers intending to assist in increasing your equity. Moreover, forex brokers are becoming more congested, and the competition is pretty stiff, and sometimes to get ahead they will offer forex bonuses; thereby attracting more clients. In some cases forex brokers offer bonuses that benefit your trades, but with conditions that may be a bit complex. Thus, it is vital to know completely what kind of a forex bonus it is and if it is best for you before you accept the offer. It is also very important to know the broker associated with the bonus. Check out how to choose brokers here.

best forex bonus

Types of Best Forex Bonuses

There are several types of the best forex bonuses, and you need to know how they work so that you can make an informed decision.

The Welcome Forex Bonus

This bonus is available only for new users and is offered as soon as they register a real account with the broker. The welcome forex bonus can either be acquired as a deposit bonus or as a no deposit bonus.

Forex Deposit Bonus

The deposit bonus is one whereby you have to deposit a specific amount into your account before you can receive the bonus. Therefore as long as you are registered on the broker’s website and you make a deposit then you are eligible for the deposit bonus.

Forex No Deposit Bonus

This particular bonus requires no bonus as its name implies, and this may very well be the best forex bonus for the majority of traders. It is also suitable for new traders as it requires no deposit and can be acquired immediately after account registration. This bonus allows traders to trade without having to worry too much about the risks involved.

Forex Bonus for Regulars

This forex bonus is meant for loyal customers who have been with the brokers for a specific period and can now claim the benefits of their loyalty. The bonus is a little gesture of gratitude offered by the broker to the client for being loyal.

Cashback Bonus

This bonus offers cashback as a reward for carrying out each transaction. As soon as the transaction is complete and successful, the cashback is transferred into the traders account automatically.

best forex bonus

Reload Forex Bonus

This bonus is suitable for consistent traders who make deposits frequently. Brokers offer existing traders a reward for every time they reload.

Loyalty Bonus

This bonus is in the form of loyalty points offered to traders, which can be later exchanged for something else like other benefits offered.

VIP Forex Bonus

This forex bonus is different from the others in that; you have to have opened a VIP account to receive it. Therefore, it is more of an exclusive reward that offers more benefits.

Best Forex Bonus Picks to Consider

1. FXTM Trading

2. UFX

3. 24


5. XM Forex

6. HYCM forex broker

7. HotForex

8. Exness (if you missed our Exness review check it out here)

Here are some things to consider to find the best Forex bonus suitable for you.

Three things you need to consider while choosing the best Forex bonuses offered by Forex brokers:

1. Avail the Services of Trustworthy Brokers

Try to choose an expert and experienced Forex brokers. It will help you calm down your stress level and escape you from any fraud. Usually, distinguished and renowned Forex brokers help you in getting more useful and beneficial deals as well as bonuses.

2. Read the Conditions Carefully

Always make sure to spend your some time to read and acknowledge all the terms and conditions of the Forex brokers. It is really helpful for you before depositing money or receiving any bonus. For instance, with some brokers, you need to reach a certain amount of trade before withdrawing the profits earned through the bonus. So, it is suggested to never rush into it and try to analyze everything beforehand.

3. Opt your Bonus Well

Bonus policies of Forex brokers often get modified, but you should choose a broker that fulfills your trading needs. It is worthwhile for the newcomers to consider free no deposit bonuses before getting connected with more serious trading bonuses, for instance, deposit bonuses. On the other hand, Legal Customer, VIP, Reload, and Support bonuses are the best fit for seasoned traders who are familiar with their next move in the Forex trading. Other kinds of bonuses are suitable for both new and expert traders.

Keep in mind that Forex bonuses vary as well as their conditions. That is the main reason to keep yourself hydrated with the moistened information about the best Forex bonuses that are offered by many notable Forex brokers.


A Quick View:

1. Make sure you choose your best forex bonus according to the specifications of your investment needs.
2. You should always consider the broker associated with the bonus and always look at reviews and the reliability of the broker.
3. Always read the terms and conditions of the bonus and see if it works for you before you dive in.

Final Thoughts

Best Forex bonuses can be an exciting benefit to boost your equity. However, you need to be careful when you decide to accept a bonus. I believe that all the information I have provided in this article will help you make a decision. As far as telling you what Forex bonus is, it is not possible; however, I have made some suggestions on which brokers you can consider. It is also important to note that the EU no longer allows forex bonuses. Nevertheless, that is all from me today; I hope this has been helpful.

Good luck!

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