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This year at WWDC, Apple had a keynote, as I’m sure most of you are already familiar with.
They’ve revealed quite a few things, no new phones, unfortunately, that’s usually in the fall. But, they did make a few significant changes to their lineup, and some regarding their software.
Most curious of which is shutting down iTunes. Why is there no more iTunes, I hear, you ask?
Sit tight, and let’s review what Apple has in store (quite literally) for us.

The hardware

Apart from no more iTunes, Apple had quite a few products to display at their keynote.
These include professional and other…not so professional products.
Let’s start with the real deal first.
Apple unveiled the long-anticipated new Mac Pro! By the specifications available, it does really sound like a beast. Apple assures that it will have up to 28 cores, up to 12 DIMM slots, and PCIe expansions.
Apple appears to have finally listened to their customers. After which, they included all of these features which weren’t available with the old Mac Pro. But then again, as with all Apple products, the price of it is steep, starting from $5999! Along with the Mac Pro, they announced the Pro XDR display, which starts at $4999. And let’s not forget that Apple is the king of first-party accessories, and we use the term “king” quite loosely. Two new accessories, which are arguably just to help the monitor stand upright, are the VESA mount which is $199, and the Pro stand which is a whopping $999. But, I’m sure that as always, Apple will find it’s target more itunes

The Software

Seeing as how Apple is in a bit of trouble with the hardware of their mobile devices because of Qualcomm, let’s move on to the more fun stuff, the software.
On this front, Apple had put in a lot of work. There’s the new, highly popular dark mode, for its mobile devices. The new iOS 13, which brings a lot of new features to the iPhone, and also marks a departure from tablets. Yes, Apple has finally gone around to making a dedicated OS for their tablets which they’re calling iPadOS. With this new iteration, Apple wants to make it more user-friendly, and use up all of that display, as to not have wasted space. They’re also adding support for thumb drives, which is neat, to say the least. There are also a few new things which you can do with your Apple watch, after the software upgrade!no more itunes

iTunes bites the dust

But the most shocking thing at the keynote is the news of no more iTunes.
Seeing as how users had gripes with the old iTunes system, it’s kind of a nostalgic feeling to see it go away. But all “good” things must come to an end, and no more iTunes is definitely the end.
But not to worry, Apple has three new apps that will be replacing iTunes. Those include Music, Apple Podcast, and their latest addition, Apple TV.
Another fun thing which Apple decided to add is Sidecar, the feature to use a second display on your Mac. It was about time to add that anyway, so good on them!

no more itunes

Main takeaways

Apple products have always been pricey, and the case is as clear now as it had ever been. They tout themselves as premium products makers, and we can’t fault them if they’re successful at it. Even though there are alternatives which cost way less; they appear to be doing something right, if they’re managing to sell all those products at such ridiculous prices.
On the other hand, you might be pleased to know that Apple stock has had a bit of a downward trend recently. After the keynote, don’t be surprised if their stock makes a miraculous recovery.
On a closing thought, we just wish we had a warning before the sudden news of no more iTunes.

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