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Today, cryptocurrencies have not only become a fashionable trend, but also an effective way for additional quick earnings. For anyone who has been involved in cryptocurrency mining for some time, you will have no doubt considered using NiceHash.

NiceHash is the premier cryptocurrency-mining marketplace around the globe, and it is where blockchain and miners projects go to source excess computing and hashing power. In other words, it is an exciting and relatively new service that permits users to sell their hash rate that the mining hardware generates.

In line with the above, advanced users assure that using this service for hash rate selling fosters more profit than usual Cloud Mining.

However, in this piece of work, we are going to explore what it is and how it works giving its pros and cons.

About NiceHash

NiceHashNiceHash is an online marketplace for selling and buying your computer’s processing power. The processing power is known as hashing power in cryptocurrency terminology. In other words, it is like an exchange service where you are exchanging computing power for Bitcoin.

Moreover, anyone can sell their hashing power, even if they only possess a small gaming machine. Anyone can also buy hashing power if one wants to take advantage of mining without spending an excessive amount of money on mining hardware.

NiceHash started operating in business since April 2014, so they know a bit about cryptocurrency exchange and mining. Since opening its virtual doors, it has become the biggest hashpower marketplace around the world, with more than 3.3 million orders saved and over 170,000 miners.

NiceHash gained the trust of cryptocurrency experts around the world. One reason for the success of NiceHash is its ease of use and low fees. These factors, therefore, makes it an excellent choice for newbie miners who are just getting their feet wet.

How NiceHash Works?

NiceHash operates with both buyers of hashing power and both sellers of hashing power. This significantly raises its potential user base, and sellers also become buyers and vice-versa.
Furthermore, buyers can order hash power immediately following their registration, and sellers do not need to register at all if they desire to remain anonymous.

Therefore, as a buyer, one can choose which cryptocurrency to mine, with the service supporting 34 different algorithms. The algorithms include Blake, Equihash, SHA-256, X11, X13, X15, Scrypt.

Therefore, you can mine any algorithm that is most profitable at the time and payments are made in Bitcoin.

Moreso, you can also choose which mining pool you would like to use. Then, after deciding on which coin you will mine deposit some Bitcoin and then go to the marketplace to place your order.

For this reason, you can choose either the EU or the US marketplace. After that, you will need to specify the maximum price you are willing to pay.

NB: All the prices are shown in Bitcoin, regardless of which cryptocurrency you are mining.

NiceHash currently operates servers in Chennai, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, and San Jose. Above all, you should use a location that is closest to your area for excellent performance.

What Cryptocurrencies Can You Mine?

NiceHashThe NiceHash service provides hashing power for Ethereum, Zcash and Bitcoin mining. You can also check on the live marketplace to get the guaranteed hashing power at any given time.

However, the prices depend on the prevailing BTC to USD rate for a given day.

NiceHash Profit Calculator

Of course, your primary objective when mining is profitability, therefore NiceHash wants you to make a profit as well. So, they have created the handy Mining Profitability Calculator. The calculator lets you plug in the type of hardware you have and the electricity cost and then it tells you how much you can expect to profit with the facility over one day, one week and one month.

Pros and Cons

• For reasons of safety, NiceHash operates from two marketplaces, one in Europe and another in the United States.
• The company offers users access to different types of orders, i.e., the fixed one for stable mining and the standard one for competitive mining.
• Users can purchase as many hashpower as they wish. In other words, NiceHash has no limits.


• It has too technical aspects of the product which looks difficult for beginners
• Nicehash only allows users to pay with Bitcoin only. It does not support other currencies
• It does not have fixed prices, which means they charge their rates according to your location.


Conclusively, with regular payouts, high security, system stability, great support and by delivering high amounts of hashing power, NiceHash has rapidly advanced into a well-known brand among crypto miners.

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