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GTPLUS and GTFTA are now listed on Bitblinx, a partnership that all BB traders will come to realise is extremely beneficial to them. The tokens are of a prestigious company known as Global Technology Innovation whose main focus is to enhance people’s lives. Read on to learn more about this company, its tokens and the benefits of this partnership.

About Global Technology innovation

GTI is an engineering company based in Dubai that works to develop an ecosystem of products in the fields of Healthcare, science, finance and energy. The company aims to invent and develop the best quality technologies that will help improve the lives of people all around the world.

GTI has already taken giant steps towards exploring Tech in a variety of fields and is working on expanding to a global market. Some of the company’s early ventures include exploring software, clean energy and now cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

(GTI) Global Tech Innovation can also be defined as a group connected through loyalty rewards. This ultimately makes it a meaningful and valuable network for its members, which create revenue for themselves while pushing an incredible project forward. Additionally, GTI is aiming to develop an e-commerce marketplace as well as a loyalty network which leverages blockchain technology so as to reflect the value of modern loyalty rewards network. Which brings us to GTPLUS and GTFTA tokens and what their purpose is.


The purpose of GTPLUS and GTFTA’s existence is to give the GTI community incentive as they are linked through a network of people with a similar goal, which is to discover and unveil tools and ways to improve their lives in all its facets.


The name GTFTA means GT Fortuna and the token itself is a reflection of the development of Global Tech as a whole.  GTFTA investors receive dividends as they partake in the ventures and ultimate success of Global Tech Innovation; what an incentive that is!

Moreover, one great advantage of GTFTA is the fact that anyone can own it, and just by owning it you receive dividends. Another unique feature that GTFTA possesses is the fact that as Global Tech Innovations grows and becomes more established the token itself gains value as well, this is because it is backed up by GTI which basically consists of a global community. One can trade GTFTA tokens freely as the rate is dependent on demand and supply in the market. This means that the more demand and people use it, the higher the value will be.

Where can I acquire some GTPLUS and GTFTA tokens?

Anybody interested in crypto can purchase GTPLUS and GTFTA tokens. You have, so far, two options to do this. You can either go to GTI website and register to their back-office. Then you can also check out the different Affiliate programs they offer.

Additionally, you can join BitBlinx, a regulated exchange and trade your BTC for your new shiny GTPLUS and GTFTA.

Global Technology and Innovation’s Trading pairs available on BitBlinx



The GTPLUS token exists to serve the GTI network members and is viewed as a loyalty token. This token replaces ‘old points’ in the affiliate programme so to speak. As GTPLUS is pegged, it is bound to attract speculative trading in which investors can benefit from its rise in value. The token’s purchases and withdrawals are cheaper, faster, easier and borderless due to the fact that they go through the blockchain.

Community Links

Join Global Technology Innovation´s Facebook

And also check out their Telegram and Youtube.


It is clear that GTI as a company has great potential to be successful as its mission to better the lives of people globally is one that is too attractive to ignore. With the areas it has ventured into so far such as clean energy, it can very well improve the lives of African people for example.

Moreover, with Blockchain and crypto use cases in the mix as well, it can drive a lot of nations out of poverty. Who would want to miss an opportunity to be part of such a big cause? Right! No-one!

Both Tokens are available on BitBlinx right now follow the link and be part of the movement. Apart from GTPUS and GTFTA you have another 35 crypto pairs you can trade!

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