Making money online, ideas for creating your own business

Many ideas exist for creating your business online. More and more people are looking for a better life, through an additional income or the establishment of a profitable business. The difficulty is to find the idea that fits to you. However, we’re here to share with some ideas for making money online.

Business today is accessible to all via the internet and has many advantages:

– Implementation is less expensive than that of “physical” companies

– With an online business, you benefit from wide visibility and availability of 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

– You are setup in record time, unlike physical companies where just administrative documents eat up your time.

– You have the opportunity to work from where you want and when you want.

1. Making money online: Create a blog

making money online

A blog is a website through which the author shares information with readers who have the opportunity to interact with him. It is very easy and inexpensive to set up. However, it requires you to be engaged and consistent to monetize it.

To make money with a blog, there are several methods. Among others, you can use these:

– Adsense advertising

– Advertising banner sale

– Affiliation to sites and products (we will get back to this later)

– Selling services

– Membership in private members areas

2. Making money online: Doing affiliation

Affiliation is the act of promoting and recommending the products and services of other people or companies in return for a commission.

Through the referral of products or services you choose, you can manage to sell a few.

The expert, in appreciation of the customers you bring him, pays you a commission. This is the process of affiliation / referral marketing.

There are several affiliate platforms in almost every field. Just sign up (it’s free) and you’ll receive your affiliate codes and links. As an example, there is the Amazon store that has an affiliate program on all these products. There is also Clickbank, 1TPE, Commission Junction.

Just visit the sites of these providers and you will see the wide range of products they offer and that you can promote.

3. Making money online: Set up an online store

The e-commerce market is growing more and more. If you already have a physical store or if you have a few things to sell, this is a niche that should interest you.

Unlike physical shops, setting up this kind of shop is much simpler.

It does not require a very big inventory: you just need to acquire a domain name and hosting, and use an engine like Prestashop, Magento or Woocommerce to deploy it. Many graphical interfaces are available online and you can use them. It’s really practical.

Your role will be to register your products, categorize them, and promote them.

Take a look at Google and search for the phrase “online store” or “e-shop” or “e-commerce”, you will see some of the existing shops. You can get inspired. There is almost everything from baby accessories to animal products.

making money online

4. Making money online: Create websites

If you have skills in this area, offer website creation services for all artisans and small businesses in your area, and even beyond. Very often, they need an online presence, but do not have a huge budget. They do not know how to do it.

Making a discount proposal in this way could come to solve their problems and allow you to make your business profitable on the amount of customers you will earn.

5. Making money online: Offer an online training service

Demand for training is strong today. Many people aspire to be trained on specific points for their development, their personal development. If you like to help others, and if you have the capacity, the job of trainer opens the doors. You must be either an expert in the field in question, and have the skills of teachers, or master a technique that people are looking for. In addition, you may have the solution to a problem that many people are having.

Take, for example, the case of someone who is trying to organize better. If you have skills in this area, or if you have put in place a technique that facilitates your organization and could help the latter, you can offer it to him.

If you know how to set up online shops, you can help others do it. Therefore, there are training in almost all fields: investment, personal development, meditation, decoration, gardening, etc.

6. Making money online: Coaching

In the same vein as training, coaching is a profession that is developing at a great speed. Today we have coaches in many fields: love, sport, personal development, marketing strategies, etc.

If you have a specialty or if you are experienced in a particular technique, you can offer coaching services to people who need personalized support in the field in question. Thus, they will benefit from your advice and your expertise.

But for that, you have to prove yourself. Do not proclaim yourself coach who wants. You have the responsibility to optimize a part of someone’s life and that is not an easy task.

7. Making money online: Creating eBooks

All this goes in the same spirit of knowledge sharing. You have the opportunity to put your knowledge in a book.

For those who do not know it, an eBook is a book in PDF. There are other variants of the eBook today like the kindle (developed by the Amazon store). It is a growing market, especially with the development of new media such as smartphones and tablets.

Go take a look at the Amazon website, you’ll see, there are eBooks in virtually every field.

8. Making money online: Sell ​​on auction sites

Do you know the eBay site? This is the most popular auction site in the world. You can find any type of product to buy and you can sell anything and everything. Products can be new or used. Search your business, there is surely money that sleeps. Or go stock up in garage sales, bookstores, etc.

The most important thing in this kind of activity is to choose the category and subcategory in which you position your product. Given the large flow of visitors to this kind of site, your product will inevitably find a taker. Your duty will therefore remain to ensure the safe delivery of the parcel.


9. Making money online: Develop web applications

With the rise of connected tools (smartphones, tablets, computers) the demand for related applications has increased.

Developing and selling apps for connected tools is becoming a pretty lucrative business. The profit margins are quite large especially since there is no shipping or storage.

Take a look at Google Play for example, you will see the wide range of applications available. Get inspired by and look around you too, there are many other things to develop. The market is large enough for you to find your place.

10. Making money online: Online translations

Unlike transcription, this job requires a language qualification. You must be fluent in languages. It is a very popular profession, especially with the will to want to reach all the populations of the whole world.

11. Making money online: Buying / selling domains

This is another way to make money that requires very little investment and time. You can buy domains at cheap prices and resell them with a profit margin. However, you must learn the strategies to benefit from this market.

12. Making money online: Paid mail

Here is a fairly simple activity to start. You just have to read emails. You register for free on dedicated platforms and you regularly receive emails that you must read.

Example of a paid email site:,,

On these different sites, there are several types of mail, and therefore several ways to make money:

– The mails which, by simple reading, allow you to earn money. The amounts here are pretty low. They revolve around 0.01 euro per mail read.

– The emails that earn you money after performing a particular action

– The emails that will make you earn money after you have placed an order: the cashback.

13. Making money online: Set up a price comparator

People tend to want to spend as little as possible on goods and services, which is normal. Price comparators are experiencing an increased flow of followers. So you can consider investing in it.

There are already comparators in many areas. For example general comparators like Google Shopping, travel comparators, comparators of financial products, insurance, mobile plans, etc.

14. Making money online: Become a trader

Trading is a high-risk activity. It is a discipline that requires a good understanding of the mechanism of the foreign exchange market. If you understand a few things, it could be a lucrative niche for you.

15. Making money online: Create a YouTube channel

making money online

This is the new niche for making money: video making. YouTube is now making money for users who produce high traffic content. The more your videos are seen, the more you earn money. Hence if you have a talent and good ideas to educate a large audience, that’s the niche you need to aim for. Artists, filmmakers, comedians, etc., do not deprive yourself of it. Registration is free, and you can make money through it.

16. Making money online: Monetize your Facebook page

Today, it is possible to do targeted advertising on Facebook. If you do it the wrong way, you will invest a lot of money with little return on investment. An expert in this field could help. But that requires you to have the skills.

You are unaware that social media has an important place in any online and physical business. But most owners of these companies do not have time to get involved effectively. And that’s where you can intervene. There are so many more social networks.

You can invest in building attractive social media profiles, captivating covers and visuals. You will surely attract customers. Register on sites like elance or odesk, the demand is strong.

17. Making money online: Develop WordPress themes and plugins

The market of sites and blogs with wordpress is growing and the demand is real. If you have skills in web design and coding, you can invest in the market for plugins and wordpress themes. In this market segment, there are sites such as ThemeForest for example.

18. Making money online: Create an all-in-one service

Web services are a lot of things at the same time: marketing, promotion, SEO. Many people wanting to get started do not always master all these outlines, and do not even have interest in wanting to do everything alone.

You can be the interlocutor of these, the service that centralizes all these things. You set up an entity that groups together each business unit that can meet the needs of the applicant. If someone wants to do a video training on golf for example, you can be the one who will find providers at each level: creation of member site, cameraman, video editor, copywriter, social media manager, etc.


Here you have some ideas for creating your business making money online. You can explore to make some income through the internet. Although this is a non-exhaustive list. Therefore make sure to keep your mind open and look out for opportunities around you.

Remember one thing with ideas for making money online, you are limited only by your imagination. Be creative and do not let anyone tell you that you can not do it. Success can happened right after this decision.

The ball is in your court.

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