The bank SwissQuote, is the first in Europe to launch an investment product: trade cannabis. This industry is estimated at 75 billion dollars within 10 years.

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Investment niches are becoming larger and more original. Whether we are talking about commodities, indices or products. One of these new vectors start to become famous because of its originality. This is the cannabis market! This is what your investment would look like if you had started to trade cannabis in 2014.

 Trade Cannabis

It is obvious that the green plant is among the fastest growing industries with a turnover estimated at 75 billion dollars in the next ten years. Above all, the Cannabis is expected to become a very lucrative segment in the coming years.

Many countries allow medical and personal cannabis usage. This is the case of Canada, some states of the United States of America, Israel, Netherlands, Switzerland,… even North Korea (yes, the usage of the green plant is not prohibited in this “dictatorial” country).

Trade Cannabis, the growth of a Legal activity

In Switzerland for example, the Federal Parliament is working on increasing the flexibility in the medical and recreational field of the green plant. A great opportunity for the swiss bank SwissQuote. They decided to launch an investment product on this market. They are forerunner and the only one in Europe to touch this opportunity to trade cannabis.

The name of the investment product is Swissquote cannabis portfolio. It gained almost 20% since its launch in April 2018. Certainly a proof of its potential and the enthusiasm of the investors to trade cannabis.

Furthermore the consolidation phase of the cannabis industry is intensifying. Large companies have strategic synergies with smaller players with strong potential for organic growth. The goal is to capitalize on their benefits and generate shareholder value.

As the industry becomes larger, trade cannabis industry and lawmakers tend to be flexible and changing laws on medical and personal use, the way is open to growth of this activity. In the medical sector, many companies have developed advanced “green” drugs for cancer treatment, pain reliefs, neurosis, chronic anxiety, autism…

Green plant and stock market arguments Start Trading

Trade Cannabis

Trade Cannabis is a nascent industry on the stock markets that are sometimes volatile and cyclical. This marijuana market plays a cautious role, paying attention to the international pressures that could be received by the Trump’s government or even France.

But the evidence of its growth is there to attest to this exceptional stock market opportunity. Today the legal cannabis market in the US is close to $ 10 billion. In contrast the black market is estimated at $ 46 billion. We quickly understand that the demand is present and that the legal offer will only increase in this direction. Hence, trade cannabis will be highly profitable.

From this logic, the Swiss bank Swissquote jumps on the occasion by saying in a somewhat provocative tone: “The long-awaited legalization of the magic plant is in progress. We need to get a head start on this rapidly changing trend and participate now in the cannabis Revolution”.

While the swiss bank, other signs of opening have been launch. This is the case with the Canadian Cannabis LP index. Consequently we can be sure, seeing the performance of this sector and the profit made by this market, that other investment companies, banks, online regulated brokers will probably follow the movement.


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