Vive la France! Qwant, the small search engine made in France sees big

It’s French. And it respects your private life.

Qwant, who is celebrating his fifth birthday, continues the projects and has not yet finished talking about it.
The hegemony of Google is obvious. In most of the countries, excepted Russia maybe, since it holds more than 90% of the market. So the other search engines bet on the innovation and sub features.

More particularly, it is interesting to consider and show up that the stranglehold of the American giant on the data of its users frightened.

Spearhead of its competitors, privacy is the main asset of new alternative search engines. The French Search engine is “100% protector of your privacy”. They decided to ban cookies and advertising tracings. And the rumor swells on the net, making more and more noise on the Web, since its launch in 2013.

QWANT Vs Google

A user-friendly offer

“We counted 5 million unique visitors in 2013, there were 70 million just last month,” enthuses Éric Léandri, CEO and co-founder of Qwant. An explosion that allowed the team to grow from 12 to 164 employees in five years, and especially to invest heavily in research. Since 2017, the search engine has developed a partnership with Inria (National Institute for Research in Computer Science in Automatic).

“Smart Search and Privacy”, a kind of joint laboratory studying the search for information on the Internet, security, programming languages, respect for privacy… A vast program that represents for Éric Léandri a “tremendous opportunity to accelerate the implementation of a European champion respectful of the personal data”. The frenchie engine has also set up a research center in China. It focuses on facial recognition … but no panic, it’s to protect you this time! If conventional systems develop these technologies to hunt you down, we do it to then have the opportunity to blur you. And why not get into a talking version of Qwant, without the data collection at Google Home or Alexa of Amazon. The Snips for example, another French company offering private-by-design voice assistants.

Qwant, the growth

A user-friendly offer that attracted large audience already. France Télévisions uses Qwant by default on all its workstations in-house since July 2018. An initiative followed by the ESEC (Economic, Social and Environmental Council). The french company can also congratulate itself for being a pre installed search engine for Firefox browser users. The previous mobile application struggled to be improved. Now a new version, available on iOS and Android, dating from the beginning of July 2018 has significantly improved. It’s making it more enjoyable and intuitive.

The offer has grown steadily over the last five years, including:

  • Qwant Music
  • Qwant Games
  • Qwant Junior
  • And soon Qwant Sport.

“Our mission in three years is to harvest 5 to 10% of the European market, which is already huge. We will not make the American behemoths fall. But we have the right to exist and offer an alternative to users who no longer want to be tracked. Africa, India, Latin America, Canada … In 2025, the French company is now used in all corners of the world.” Said Éric Léandri, he does not intend to stop.

Who do YOU vote for? Are you a fan of the big giants, or would you rather see succeed those concerned with us more than with money?

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