Netflix first summer

Is it worthwhile to redo Netflix’s history, from its founding in the United States in 1997 to its gigantic internationalization in recent years. It’s a worldwide and amazing success. Today, they are the leader on the SVoD (Subscription Video on Demand) sector with millions of subscribers. And its competitors have to work hard to catch up, the service offers hundreds of original films and series to attract users.

In this context where the offer is so huge that we are trying to relay the main announcements of the online video giant: movies, series, documentaries, shows.

If you wonder what Netflix will offer in the coming months, You are in the right place.

The Byrde will be back on August 31st in Ozark on Netflix, which is raising the tide with an official trailer.

With a cover of David Bowie, the Ozark series reminds the world that his season 2 arrives in a few weeks on Netflix. In the official trailer below, the Byrde family does not seem to be out of the hostel business, quite the opposite.

Example of newest: Ozark II

The blue and cold photography of the first season will always be there to refresh the end of the summer, while 10 episodes will be there again. Always worn by the couple Marty (Jason Bateman) and Wendy (Laura Linney), the show will rise visibly a notch in the action.

Netflix competes Youtube

This will be the consequences of the money laundering traffic mounted by the Byrds in the region that gives its name to the series.

In addition to having to keep their family together in one piece (with two children who are not fooled by their lies and secrets), our heroes will face new and old threats, such as the cartel and the police. On the casting side, there will also be Julia Garner and Janet McTeer in season 2. See you on August 31st.

Netflix: these are the novelties that will occupy your month of August

The month July is behind us, but here comes August and the new series and movies from the Netflix catalog. What to do?

  • Certainly the season 2 of his original series Ozark as we saw.
  • The cartoon Disenchanted by the creator of the Simpson
  • 4th Season of Better Call Saul with an episode per week.
  • Season 9 of Archer
  • Season 7 of Voltron.

In short, a list of news that will give you the wish to spend the rest of your summer in front of your screen. This new Lyfestyle promotes sedentarism, but maybe you will be on someone else’s Airbnb on your holidays.

YouTube will offer its original films and series, like Netflix,

YouTube is embarking on a whole new ground.
Netflix has been there and since then nothing is the same. Many companies want to align with the streaming giant Netflix. It is so successful with its original series – the films, often average, still can not take off.

YouTube, platform owned by Google wants to land on the market, Amazon launched its own service while a new giant wants is getting ready to compete. And the latter, YouTube, does not expect to arrive empty-handed since original series and films, such as Netflix, will be offered.

This was said by a YouTube executive to the very serious Reuters and the least we can say is that the streaming offer is likely to get rich again.

A new competitor in the field of streaming

It must be said that YouTube already has the merit of having brought video makers around the world. In France, some live – Squeezie and others McFly and Carlito – while others try to find a place in this competitive field.

But today, the platform of Google will embark on original content, films and series, in several countries of the world: Germany, Japan, India or … France!

There are different programs. TV Programs that will move from reality TV to series and documentaries. Basically: there will be something for everyone.

According to Susanne Daniels, executive at YouTube

It’s through YouTube Premium at 11.99 euros a month (much more expensive than Netflix) that YouTube is reaching new subscribers. The streaming giant has never hidden this fact. They want to make with its service more and more money – at the expense of users not necessarily happy with the new policy.

Fortunately, in exchange for watching an advertisement, a YouTube executive via Reuters explains that it will be possible to access the original content.

In reality, this new proposal does not depart much from what self-taught YouTubers offer.

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